New Interactive Map of British Schools Abroad

The most comprehensive map of primary and secondary schools around the world offering the British curriculum has just recently gone live. It was created as a resource for British expat families who want an easy transition between their home and host countries.

View the list of British Schools Offshore and suggest additional locations

This interactive map contains over 1,000 schools and details important information such as each school’s address, website, contact number and student population.

The British curriculum is one of the most highly regarded in the world. As Alasdair Akass, the Director of Development at The British School of Paris, says: a “British education has a worldwide reputation for quality and is synonymous with academic excellence both in schools and universities. In an increasingly competitive employment climate, the experience of a British education gives the best possible demonstration to employers of well-rounded, confident and intellectually curious individuals.”

28-year-old Rachel Young is a teacher at a British school in Abu Dhabi. According to her, “for kids coming from UAE private British schools, the targets are set very high. Usually if they have done well in the UAE they appear to be on a par with their peers when they come back to the UK.”

If you plan to set your child up in an overseas school it is important to be aware of the enormous pressure that they will be under. Although a British school can ensure your child feels relatively at home with the curriculum, the culture and foreign classmates are all going to an added stress. If, as Rachel says, British overseas schools push their pupils hard in order to keep them on par with UK standards, it is easy to see your child falling behind.

In order to ensure your child has the right support in their overseas British school MyTutor offers online tutoring courses for expats.If you are a student you can browse through a selection of tutors, all chosen for their expert knowledge, interpersonal skills and passion for teaching, and start working with the one your teenager prefers the most. These tutors are based in the UK, and are currently at some of the top universities in Britain, so you’ll be receiving some of the best tuition available in the UK.

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