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Have a specDRACULA Halloween: A Poem

Around this spooky time of year
When creepy crawlies start to appear.
It’s not a vampire, bat nor ghost,
Witch* frighten an aspiring student the most.
It’s the thought of battling the laws of motion,
as formulae blur like a gruesome potion.
But we know tricks to help you prepare,
Our hand-picked tutors don’t easily scare.
They aced their exams and did monstrously well,
They teach maths, science and how to spell,
So visit mytutorweb where all can be seen.
And book a tutorial this Halloween.

*just in case you were unsure, we realise this is not correct. It shouldn’t even be ‘which’, it should be ‘that’! However, correcting this would make for a less impressive poem. Please don’t freak out.

5 years ago
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