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Exam results 2019 – the proud parents, the tweets and the stats

The results are in. After Scotland kicked things off with their Higher results in mid-August, A Levels followed in England and Wales on the 15th and GCSEs the week after that (as well as BTECs, WJECs, Nat 4s and Nat 5s). Up and down the country, teens spent their Summers nervously counting down the days. You’ll hopefully have had cause for celebration with some smashing grades and smiling faces. Before everything charges forward for next term though, let’s have a look at how everything went across the UK.


Since the big GCSE reforms in 2017, new curriculums and new grading systems have caused a fair amount of worry, controversy, and excitement too. The new 9-1 grading system that replaced the long-held A*-G was introduced in a handful of subjects in 2017, and they’ve now been phased across the remaining subjects. This makes it harder to compare with previous years, but we’ve still seen some impressive numbers.

  • The proportion of top marks (7-9) rose to 20.8% this year. This could reflect a success of the new curriculums which are meant to be more challenging than before.
  • 837 students received a clean sweep of grade 9s this year. This is up 14% from last year.
  • Of those, 66% were girls and 34% were boys. This 32% difference is a much bigger than the gender results gap overall, where girls led the number of strong passes (4 or above) by just 2.1%.

We’re especially proud of one of our partner schools Ash Green School in Coventry, who got their highest number of top grades (7-9) ever! We worked with Ash Green to provide their pupils with in-school tuition.

That’s not to mention another one of our partner schools who got record results. Penketh High School in Warrington also received their best GCSE results ever. Well done everyone!

Teachers up and down the country were brimming with pride for their pupils too, and many found GIFs the best art form to express it…

That’s on top of thousands of happy parents who couldn’t wait to tell the world how excited they were for their kids.

A Level results

If your teen’s a school leaver, their results might’ve had an even bigger bearing on their future. Whether they had a conditional university offer to meet, or an apprenticeship to get on to, the pressure for A Levelers is always a big deal for them. Here are some of the numbers…

  • 300,000 pupils opened those white envelopes (or their inboxes) to see what A Levels they’d got.
  • For UK universities, 408,960 people (kids and mature students) had university places confirmed – that’s 1% down from last year.
  • The number of male vs female pupils receiving an A or A* was the closest it’s been in at least 10 years.
  • In England though, A*-C grades were at their lowest in a decade.
  • 17,420 found their places through UCAS Clearing – 2,260 more than last year.

Many school leavers tweeted their fears for the worst in the lead-up to A Level results too…

But once they were out, teachers flocked to tell everyone how proud they were of their pupils.

Parrs Wood High School (@official_pwhs) August 21, 2019

And in what’s become an annual tradition and a running joke, TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson tweeted to reassure everyone that you can be successful no matter what results you get…

Although we’re sure there are wiser things to aim for than a Summer rental in France!

Congratulations to everyone! If you were happy with how your child did and felt that MyTutor lessons helped, we’d love to hear about it. You can write us a review on Trustpilot or review your tutor on the site.

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