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GCSEs: The catalyst for a successful future

The road to a successful life as an adult can be a long and winding one. It’s twists and turns, highs and lows as you are thrust into GCSE exam prep, can be extremely daunting. And I speak from personal experience when I say that although preparation can indeed be tiresome and stressful, ultimately, it is crucial to success.

I spent a lot of my time at school, like so many of my peers, unsure of which career path I wanted to pursue. Even after countless career advisor meetings, I was still fraught with uncertainty. My days of procrastination seemed endless, and there were so many instances when I felt like giving up.

But the fact of the matter is, GCSEs are extremely important, and should not be taken lightly. Yes they are hard work, and yes revising will seem a tedious task at times, but they should never been seen as a frivolous, ‘but I’m only at school’ type of matter.

It is at school, after all, when after years of studying we are presented with either lots of open doors, and lots of ‘time to decide which one’s to open’, or lots of closed, ‘I’m sorry but you do not have the results we are looking for’ doors. What pathways are available will be determined almost entirely by your GCSE results.

Now, getting the results, in theory, seems easy. Just revise hard and you will pass right?


Succeeding in GCSEs is largely based on ones mindset throughout the challenging revision periods. So make sure to ask friends and family for help, and know that you don’t have to go it alone! Study hard, but do not over do it. Intermittent breaks are just as important, so eat well, sleep well, and give your mind enough time to relax and absorb information.

You will need GCSEs to do A-levels, to go onto university, and even if you wish to go straight into work.

Employers will look for good results because they will simply have no other way to measure your aptitude, or determine whether or not you will be able to effectively do the job they are asking you to do. Unfortunately, even if you are bright and capable of doing the job, no employer will take the time to get to know you and your application will most likely be cast aside.

Thus, even though GCSE’s may be boring, stressful and tedious, they are the best way of ensuring that the rest of your life does not turn out this way. To have the career you want, even if you have no idea what that may be right now, GSCE’s are the catalyst to having a happy, fulfilled life as an adult. So choose wisely, study hard, and dedicate your time to ensuring you have a happy, successful future.

Written by Aimee Rose (Guest Blogger)

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