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The MyTutor Team’s Last-Minute Exam Tips

We know how hard you’ve been working over the last few months (we’ve never had so many tutorial bookings…) and your tutors have reported some great revision progress. So well done for everything you’ve achieved so far.

That said, over the next few weeks it’s important to put everything you’ve learnt into practice, so we wanted to leave you with a few of our own last minute exam tips from the team to get you set for a successful exam season.

Robert (He’s seen his daughters Rachel and Hannah through their A levels and onto university)


“Don’t underestimate the importance of rest. Part of doing well is having a good understanding of the subject, but equally as important is feeling alert and ready to work hard for the length of your exam. Being rested will mean you can recall facts more easily, and you make fewer mistakes in the exam. Having a good night’s sleep will pay off.”

Bertie (Studied Maths at Durham and knows a thing or two about passing a Maths exam)


“Save yourself the stress of last-minute cramming by finding a way to understand the content you’re studying rather than just learning it. For Maths, learn the formula but also think about why it works. If you get the concept behind what you’ve learnt, you’ll be much more relaxed going into your exam and it will show in your results.”

James (Studied Philosophy at Birmingham and ran an events company while doing his GCSEs and A levels)

“Look after yourself. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by exams. I’ve always found that if you look after the basics, you’ll be much more productive. Drink water, eat well, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and don’t forget your social life. People often try to shut out the world when work gets tough, but it’s important to make time to relax – watch a movie, do some sport, or see a friend.”

Kat (Studied PPE at Oxford and has been at MyTutor for 2 years)


“If you’ve been revising on a night-owl schedule, remember to leave enough time to get yourself back into the swing of 9-5 for those morning exams. Establishing a routine for exam days helped me stay calm: I got into a pattern of eating breakfast whilst scanning my notes.”

Rachel (Studied Geography at St Andrews and has been tutoring other students ever since)

“Focus on what’s best for you in exam time: it’s ok to be a bit selfish. If talking about the exam with your friends directly before/after it’s taken place is stressful for you, just leave the conversation. Everyone reacts differently to exams so don’t let overly optimistic or pessimistic friends get you down.”

The days before your first exam can be daunting, but really when you think about it you’ve done most of the hard work already. Stay calm, be confident that you’ve done enough work, and you’ll go into your exams ready to ace them.

Good luck!

The MyTutor Team

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