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Wimbledon 2018

It’s that time of the year again. Everyone will be huddled around a television screen, watching a ball fly at 140mph. It’s the Wimbledon Championship… but who’s going to win this year?


The Wimbledon Championship started off, and remains one of the most prestigious sporting events. 9 July, 1877 marked the inception of the first game, making it the oldest tennis tournament. It was held at the All England Tennis and Croquet Club in London, and has been hosted there, every year since.

Who’s playing?

The tournament starts on July 2nd, and will finish on the 15th of July. Many people are rooting for the old favourite Roger Federer. This will be his 9th Wimbledon title (with an impressive 5 titles won in a row from 2003-2007). Others are siding with Rafael Nadal. But there is also some fresh blood to contend with coming from Grigor Dimitrov, playing for Bulgaria, and Alexander Zverev for Germany.

For the women’s games, the fan favorite seems to be Serena Williams. But with strong seasons coming from Caroline Garcia and Caroline Wozniacki anything could happen.

How can you join in

Here are just a few ideas to you in the Wimbledon mood.

    1. Charity tennis match. If you are involved at any clubs at school, this would be the perfect time to host a friendly (or not so friendly) tennis match in the school gym to raise some money for charity. Charge and participation fee, and there’s your event sorted.
    2. Tennis themed party. The USA with their super-bowl has the television watching party in the bag- but there’s not reason why you can’t do the same for the Wimbeldon. Get some ice, and some soft drinks, invite some of your friends over, and make some fun finger food. Tortillas and cheese in the oven is always a fan favourite – and dead easy. Pigs in the blanket – you name it! Go crazy, and enjoy the summer!

Follow the latest Wimbledon news here.

Written by Sophie Z.

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