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Make the most of the summer holidays with MyTutor Groups

·// June 9, 2022

When school’s out for the summer, teens want to have fun. The 6-week break from the school routine and exams is also a chance for them to think about their future, try new things, and spend more time doing what they’re passionate about.

This summer we’re making it easier than ever for teens to find their passion, learn about the things they care about and find the fun in school subjects.

With 75 new courses, kids between 13-18 can learn about what they love with creative and tech courses. They can discover how to make the world better with science and reading clubs, and get expert help in planning careers and university. All our courses have been designed to make learning fun, exciting and interactive. Kids learn in groups of up to 8, so they can enjoy being social while discovering something new. You can keep them busy and engaged with prices starting at £90 for a 5-days course.

You’ll be able to book from mid-June. Until then, here’s a taste of what’s to come.

Pick up professional and creative skills with tech courses

How about turning hobbies into career skills? So if your child loves music, they can learn how to produce it. Or if you can’t tear them away from video games most of the time, learning how to design their own video game could turn that addiction into a potential career. And if they’re into tech, they can learn the coding language Python (yes, a language, not a snake!) or programme the game Roblox – setting them up for a job of the future.

Learn about things they care about

Teens today are really tuned into problems in the world, and often they can spend a lot of time worrying about it. We’re offering courses which can turn their concerns into a passion for learning and show them how to solve the problems they care about. In “Science to Save the Planet”, teens will learn about environmental science and sustainability. Or if they care about racial justice and want to understand it better, our reading club for “Natives” by Akala will help them understand how they can be a force for good.

Start planning their career

If your teen is always thinking of business ideas, fancies themself as the next Elon Musk, or loves to solve problems in the world – this summer they can learn how to become an entrepreneur with our courses “How to build a business” and “How to build an online business”. Next stop, Dragon’s Den.

Get ready for university

If you don’t know someone who’s gone to university, or studied what your teen wants to study, working out how to help them get into their dream course can be a real challenge. Our tutors have all been there, done that, and they’re offering a series of 2-day courses to help teens plan their university applications that will get them where they want to go. They can learn how to get into Psychology, Law, Business, Medicine, Computer Science and more. Plus, they’ll learn how to plan their personal statements and how to ace university interviews–all from current students and grads from top universities.

Build curriculum knowledge with real world Maths and Science

If your child loves Maths and Science – or if they find these subjects are an uphill battle – our academic courses can be a great option. They’re designed to make learning fun and exciting, while boosting their curriculum knowledge and grades. They can try learning Trigonometry with Architecture, Geometry with sport, or understand ratios with baking. With real life examples of these subjects, they can get excited about subjects that might’ve seemed boring or irrelevant in the classroom.

Get ready for next year

Since the series of school closures in the last couple of years, a lot of teens have learning gaps as a result. To help everyone get back on track, we’re offering a series of courses to help them get ready to start GCSEs and A-Levels, and to prep for their exam year too. In focused 5-day courses, our tutors will help them get up to speed and ready to ace the autumn term.

Our full programme of courses will be ready to book from mid-June. But if you’d like to get first access to book while there are still places, pop your name on our list and we’ll let you know when they’re live.

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