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4 Headaches You Can Escape With Online Tuition

When your child needs some extra help with schoolwork, one-to-one tuition is a really effective way to boost their learning. But finding the perfect tutor can be a struggle in itself – tutors who live miles away, eye-watering prices and family schedule ping pong all make arranging weekly lessons a major task. That’s exactly why MyTutor provides stress-free online tuition with excellent tutors who your child will love. Our tutor and blogger Sophie Valentine here gives you her insight into how we can help you and your child.

When I asked one of my students recently why she needs a tutor, she told me “well, my Chemistry teacher is really nice, but I got confused when he explained electrolysis so I put my hand up. Before I could ask, my friend Sarah had another question which took ages to answer, and then the lesson ended so I didn’t get the chance to ask”.

In other words, even with excellent school teachers, there isn’t enough time in the day for one teacher to give special time to all 30 curious pupils in a class. That’s why one-to-one tuition can be such an effective complement to time spent in school.

As a tutor, I always have the time in a lesson to smooth out all the niggling little questions that get swept aside in class. However, finding a tutor to come to the house or vice versa can be a real headache. This is why more and more parents are turning to online tuition for a stress-free solution that delivers results. Here are 4 complications that get banished for good with online tuition.

1. The Travelling/Tidying Headache

When your child arrives home after school, tired and with a new list of homework to complete, it can feel harsh to turn them around into the car for another lesson at your tutor’s house. And if your tutor comes to your house, doing a last-minute tidy before they arrive, offering them a hot drink and the necessary smalltalk to welcome them immediately creates an extra list of things for you to do. That’s not to mention the delays that can be caused by public transport, disrupting mealtimes and bedtimes too.

Online tuition is much more convenient. Your home can remain as it is and no one’s time is wasted driving across town. Your child will be able to concentrate for an hour in their bedroom, or at the kitchen table and relax the minute the lesson is finished, which they’ll be grateful for at the end of a long day. Happier kids = happier families!

2. The Too-Embarrassed-To-Ask Headache

When you’re 13, the only thing worse than not having a burning question soothed is making yourself look stupid by asking it. That’s where traditional tuition can go wrong. Faced with a tutor who looks and sounds just like a teacher from school, the same fear of humiliation can apply. The worst is when a student pretends to understand something to avoid embarrassment, the lesson moves on and the topic gets left unlearned. If these gaps aren’t spotted and addressed, it can set back a child’s confidence and hinder their progress.

The thing with MyTutor tutors is that they’re all studying at the UK’s top universities and they understand the fear all too well. They were in the same classes not too long ago, so they’re able to tutor subjects in a way that’ll make your child feel comfortable. They’re close in age too, which helps break down barriers and lets questions flow naturally.

3. The Costs-the-Earth Headache

In-person tuition is not cheap, with hourly rates averaging around £30/hour, and up to £60/hour in London! Add to this your time and/or cost of travel and it’s even more. When tutors travel to you, their hourly rate tends to include travel costs too. Then if you’re hiring tutors for more than one subject or for several children, the total costs of tuition can be astronomical. With online tuition, there’s no travel involved, so the cost is brought right down.

4. The Where-Can-I-Find-One Headache

I grew up in the countryside, and finding a tutor nearby to travel to or come to me was impossible. If you’re not in a big city or a university town, then even if there are some tutors in your area, your choice is still limited to who’s there.

With MyTutor, you can live halfway up a cliff and still take your pick of some of the smartest tutors in the country. As long as you have an internet connection, tutors from Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and many more cities are available to help your child improve their grades. Your own location is of course flexible too, so if your child lives between two homes then their tuition doesn’t get affected. Lessons can even take place from abroad, so wherever you go on holiday they can keep up momentum with their studies.

MyTutor delivers stress-free tuition from £18/hour, no matter where you live. Get in touch and cure that headache today.

Written by Sophie Valentine

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