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Teen TV shows: TV programmes to watch over summer

Exams are over and now you’ve got so much time on your hands… so what can you do? Something that I love is having a TV binge watch. Although this is often frowned upon by parents, watching TV programmes can teach you about sociology, culture, history and, television creativity. Here are some teen TV shows that I recommend, including some that you may never have heard of before…

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Sit-com from the 1990s, staring Will Smith. A teenage from Philadelphia is sent to live with his Aunt and Uncle in Bel Air, where he has to adjust to their lifestyle and meets a lot of challenges along the way. It’s very funny programme and tackles the issues we all face as teenagers: from keeping up with school work, to knowing how to become an adult. I also admire how they tackle the issue of racism in the US.

Planet Earth

An incredible programme following wildlife across the earth. Watch stunning views from 64 countries and learn about nature’s animals from national treasure, David Attenborough. This one is great to drop in and out of because each episode focuses on different environments.

The Escape Artist

Starring David Tennant, in a very different role to how we remember him in Doctor Who. His character, Will Burton, is a successful lawyer who has been given the task to defend Liam Foyle. Although Will succeeds, he is not completely certain of Liam’s innocence. This leads to a series of frightening events where you won’t be able to stop watching all 3 episodes in one sitting. This one is only for the older students.

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Don’t be afraid by the fact that this was filmed in the 60s and is in black and white. This show is about a TV show writer and his family dealing with the issues American families in the 60s faced. It’s filled with quick wit, skits, dancing and, singing. I find it very interesting to see how the dynamic of the family has changed over the last 50 years and the relationship between the sexes as well as, heteronormativity.

The Crown

Learn about the challenges Queen Elizabeth II faced when ascending to the thrown and her relationships with her husband, sister and, prime ministers. An incredibly produced drama which is growing in popularity due to the recent royal weddings. It’s a hard one not to watch to the end.


Before Rowan Atkinson was Mr Bean, he was the Blackadder in his witty pseudo-historical sitcom. Atkinson is the anti-hero Edmund Blackadder, a under-appreciated and scheming member of the royal family. Each season is set in a different historical period, we start in the Middle Ages and ends with the trenches of the First World War.

Of course, there are so many programmes you could watch; I would recommend exploring different genres and producers. Remember that, over summer, watching TV should be accompanied with other activities and doing what you enjoy. Or watch TV with your friends, it is a great way to bond and discuss why you were impressed with the programme.

Written by Anastasia K.

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