Trigonometry and its applications in real life

Are you looking to apply what you learn in the classroom to the real world? Trigonometry is a subject that has lots of practical applications. Whether you want to measure how tall a mountain is, navigate the globe or find the distance between stars and planets, learning about this method is useful in many different careers.

What is Trigonometry?

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that helps us to find the angles and distances of objects. Specifically, it focuses on right-angled triangles – where one angle of the triangle is at 90 degrees. A right-angled triangle means that all sides cannot be the same length. Calculating the relationships between the sides of a triangle is frequently necessary in some lines of work, and means that an understanding of trigonometry is essential for several different jobs.

Astronomy: The solar system has fascinated human beings everywhere since the start of civilisation. Astronomers use trigonometry to calculate how far stars and planets are from Earth. Even though we know the distances between planets and stars, this mathematical technique is also used by NASA scientists today when they design and launch space shuttles and rockets. Without a knowledge of it, human beings would never have gone to the moon and there wouldn’t be any satellites in space. You can learn more about how NASA uses trigonometry here.

Architecture: Architects and people working in construction use trigonometry in a number of different ways. It’s used to work out the height and the basic structure of a building. An architect can use the functions to calculate loads and forces of a building. Without these calculations, buildings wouldn’t be safe.

Construction: We’ve already seen how trigonometry is used while a building is being designed, but it is also used in the construction of a building. The correct slope of a roof and the proper height and rise of a stairway can both be calculated with this mathematical technique.

MusicIf you’re interested in music theory and production, then trigonometry is very useful. For those who want to work in music production, knowing how to manipulate sine waves will help you create your own sounds. Sine waves are a single note, whereas multiple sine waves make a chord. Understanding how these work together helps sound engineers create the desired sound they require. It is also useful in live environments, as the angles that the speakers are placed can impact the quality of the sound we hear.

Game Development: Have you ever wanted to make your own game? Chances are that if you do then you’ll need to know at least some trigonometry. It’s used in many aspects of game development. Whether you want to design a character, make them move or design the environment they will move in, you’ll need to learn trigonometry.

While it might appear daunting to learn at first, taking the time to learn trigonometry can really have a positive impact in lots of different careers. You don’t have to learn this all on your own either. There are many students who have been in the exact same position before who can really help you. Find a Maths GCSE tutor who can help you apply trigonometry to real-life careers today.

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