Becoming a Tutor

Introducing Fire Tech 🔥

Back in December we announced the exciting news that Fire Tech is now part of MyTutor! Fire Tech offers tutoring, mentoring and training in all things tech – like Python, Java, Artificial Intelligence and Game Design.

Who are Fire Tech? 🔥

Launched in April 2013, Fire Tech’s mission is to get young people (aged 8-17) creating and innovating using technology. Fire Tech teaches young people vital skills as they learn to design video games, build worlds in Minecraft, create digital music and animations, and learn to code in Python, Unreal, Java and Greenfoot (and more).

Why are they part of MyTutor?

This acquisition will allow us to expand our tech and coding offering, help us provide tuition in other areas outside the curriculum (like financial literacy and entrepreneurship), support our goal to provide private tuition for groups of students, and give you opportunities to get involved!

(This won’t impact your tutoring opportunities, change the lesson space or website functionality, or affect our roadmap to make improvements to MyTutor.)

What do Fire Tech look for in a tutor? 🙌

You must be in your first year of a STEM-related degree, ideally studying Engineering, Computer Science, Maths, Game Design and similar. If you are not studying a STEM subject but have a good knowledge in either Roblox or Minecraft, we would love to hear from you – they are some of our most popular courses!

When do the Fire Tech courses run?🙏

Courses run mostly during Easter and Summer holidays, and during the Half Term. These courses are week-long and run from 10am to 3pm, Monday to Friday with regular breaks and check-ins with Program Leaders. Alternatively, there are After School and Weekend clubs which are shorter weekly sessions. Note: You must commit to every session of the course.

What support is there? 👾

Fire Tech provides all of the curriculum that is taught and tutors are required to attend paid training on this material with Fire Tech’s in-house curriculum team. While teaching, all tutors have Tech Support and Program Leaders on hand to be able to support when needed.

The application process 📝

As you’re already an experienced tutor with MyTutor, we’ll be fast-tracking parts of your Fire Tech application, like the interview and assessment afternoon. Just complete this form so we know your availability and what you’d like to teach. After that, please select a time here to have a 20 minute chat with Tashan from the team – ignore that it says interview, this is just a chat!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us on or 0203 773 6024.

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