Applying to university: studying at the University of Exeter

Choosing the right university seems like one of life’s hardest choices at the time. I would like to convince you that you would love it the most in the land of the Teletubbies, at the University of Exeter.


In terms of work, the university makes no secret of the fact that it works its students hard. The terms are longer here than anywhere else I know of. That said, I haven’t met a member of teaching staff who wasn’t approachable and they all give off the impression that they really do want you to succeed. This atmosphere brings the best out of everyone.

My inside tip to finding a study spot would be to try the 7th floor of the Physics Tower. You will get some strange looks from the residents, but there is normally space and the views are beautiful. 


Stories of the city after dark seem to be the main reason people chalk Exeter off their choices list. Whilst it is certainly true that there isn’t the choice of a big city like London, most tastes are fairly well represented.

My personal favourite is Indie Club on a Saturday night at Exeter Cavern. A re-creation of the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, home of the Beatles. Who wouldn’t want to air guitar to Smells like Teen Spirit, belt out some Oasis or move to the Gorillaz? This place is often overlooked by first years, who later wonder how they didn’t stumble onto this delight earlier. A very popular alternative is Cheesy Tuesdays. Where a time machine takes everyone back to the days of S-Club 7, Wheatus and Peter Andre. My advice here is buy tickets far in advance to avoid disappointment!


The campus is always commented on as one of the most beautiful in the UK. It’s easy to walk around some areas and marvel at the landscape. Be prepared to share the paths with squirrels and rabbits. Food at lunch is fairly well covered, with Pret a Manger being an exceptionally popular new addition. In terms of pure value, a meal deal from the Guild Shop will set you back less than £3.50. Pieminister have an outlet which serves excellent pies and sweet potato fries. My insider food tip is to journey on down Forum Hill to Building One of the Business School. Here La Touche serves very decent cafe food at student friendly prices. 


Uni life can be anything you want it to be. If you love learning so much that you never want to do anything other than work, then that is your writ. Otherwise, there is so much else on offer. I spend a large amount of time playing in the many intramural football leagues that take place during the week. If football isn’t your thing but staying active is, then you’re definitely still in the right place. At least half of the student body looks like they are either going to or returning from the gym, or are competing in any of the other intramural sports on offer. University level sport is also a big draw here, with the uni constantly ranking as one of the top sporting universities in the country.

The city itself isn’t big, but your big name branded stores are still here, so worry not if you’re here to shop! If you feel the need to get out of the urban area, then Exeter is surrounded by gorgeous countryside. In the summer, many students hop on the train for 20 minutes to the beach at Exmouth for a day by the sea. My personal recommendation is the South West Coastal Path between Paignton and Brixham. I’ve seen glorious vistas as well as seals in the water along this walk. If you should want to get a long way away, then Exeter has direct train and bus links to London, Birmingham and further afield.

I couldn’t recommend this place much higher. If you’re considering it, then I suggest coming and looking for yourself. As much as I can write about it, your impression should be the deciding factor.

Written by Harry M.

Applying to university: studying at the University of Exeter

Choosing the right university seems like one of life’s hardest choices at the time. ...

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