How can I volunteer?

Are you struggling to find a way to fill the six-week break? Why not volunteer to give your summer some value.

More than a CV boost, spending your spare time volunteering unlocks a host of skills and experiences in the world beyond education.

How can I volunteer?

Volunteer locally

From cubs to care homes, preschool to rubbish pick-ups; there are so many ways to volunteer within your community. My initial volunteering at the local rainbows group where I help children learn how to read.

A good way to get involved is through the Government run National Citizen Service. This scheme links fifteen to sixteen-year olds to their local community by offering the opportunities to plan and carry out a personal social action project. Watch your work translate into social change as you make ties and build relationships with a community close to home.

Volunteer Internationally

Broaden your horizons and brave volunteering abroad for an immersive experience in a brand new culture.

I spent four weeks in Tanzania at Camp Tanga with Camps International, a fantastic company who have projects running all year round in the same communities. Volunteering transported me into a culture. I really felt the pulse of this warmest of cultures.

The relationships I built while sawing, sanding and hammering my way through sixteen vital school desks are memories that I will cherish for ever. Afterwards, the local mumma’s were overwhelmingly grateful and we were indescribably thankful for being welcomed into such a beautiful community for an entire month.

Similarly, the International Citizen Service gives eighteen-year old’s and over the opportunity to volunteer locally and internationally. Working in a group of young people also driven to make a difference. ICS offers a variety of projects across Asia, Africa and Latin America from protecting the environment, enriching education on health issues as well as, improving sanitation. All to work towards a safer world for all our inhabitants.

For prolonged, cross-cultural projects like this that can offer you the time to really see your project through into completion, for more ideas visit:

The outreach projects listed here will provide you with enriching experiences which are undeniably valuable in employment and far, far beyond. Volunteering takes you to new places, creates lasting relationships and, works towards long lasting improvements to a humble community. Rewarding you with new memories that will last a lifetime.

Challenge yourself and watch the change happen.

Written by Anna L.

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