Who are the MyTutor Tutors?

Our tutors are current university students or recent graduates from top UK universities who have achieved excellent grades (A/A*s in their A-levels or equivalent) and are specialists in their subjects. All tutors are personally interviewed before they join our website. 


maddy millar

Meet one of our tutors: Maddy Millar

During early 2016, I was browsing my university’s career page and I found MyTutor. After reading over the website, I was really excited. This was the job which would enable me to stop the late nights at the nightclub and the cold mornings handing out leaflets. I could work from the comfort of home, tutoring in a subject that I had a true passion for and earn money, all at the same time!

Once I received my first five-star rating, my confidence was boosted and I never looked back. Now I have been tutoring for a year and I have never enjoyed a job more. It is never a chore to undertake tutorials as Psychology, and teaching, are both passions of mine.

Psychology has been a passion of mine ever since commencing it at GCSE. Psychology is a vast and ever-evolving science, aspects which fuel my interest for it. My own interests within the subject vary greatly, for example, classical conditioning to the paradox of altruism and emotional development to psychopathy. It would be difficult to find a topic within Psychology which doesn’t interest me! Because of this, I always try to help students enjoy the subject, as well as understand it in order to achieve their full potential.

Thinking retrospectively to when I undertook my A-Levels, Psychology, Biology and Sociology, I definitely empathise with the strain that students are put under. I remember the stressful periods of January mocks, difficult homework and the exams themselves. MyTutor would have been so beneficial to me during my time in Sixth Form as being able to talk through the content of a subject with someone is invaluable. It helps to understand the content more and the advice given can turn a C into an A.

Personal statements are also another source of stress during the busy period of A-Levels. I found it so difficult to write my own as I hated writing about myself. It took many different versions and lots of time to perfect. By having someone who has written a personal statement to help, the stress of writing can be hugely minimised. Just having a small bit of guidance can transform a personal statement.

MyTutor has not only given me a student job that I have control over and that has allowed me to engage more with my degree, but also one that is rewarding and that enables me to mentor students to ensure they achieve their full potential.

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