Why these parents chose Summer tutoring for their teens

With exams over and the Summer holidays fast-approaching, you might be thinking about how your kids should spend the 6 weeks of freedom. All those months of exam preparation have been put to the test, and now all that’s left to do is sit back and ease into summer.

Between watching Wimbledon and burning the sausages, though, it’s savvy to keep one eye on next year. Just 2 hours a week of brain stimulation keeps kids from forgetting their stuff over the long break. Here’s how two MyTutor parents manage the balance.

Alexandra’s story

Parent-of-teens Alexandra used MyTutor for her two teenage kids over last Summer. Her son got help with Computing GCSE, while her daughter worked on her medical school application and exams (the UKCAT and BMAT). She told us,

“There is definitely an atrophy of knowledge over the summer. Children need a break but they also need to carry on a learning process of sorts. In September there can be a long period to bring what they’ve learned back to the surface. 6 – 8 weeks of holidays is a long time and kids definitely forget stuff.”

With MyTutor, Alexandra’s kids stayed on the ball. They booked a total of 28 lessons over July and August 2018, and she felt our tutors were perfectly placed to help them. She says,

“my kids, because they’re teens, like the tutors because they’re bright, young and sparky”. Because the standard of some subjects’ curriculums have recently been raised (like Maths A Level), she feels, “tutors at university have the right skillset for teaching this standard”

Because all our tutors at top UK universities, they’re experts in their subjects and also really familiar with what your teen’s going through – both the curriculums their studying and the worries they’ll be feeling. With just a couple of lessons per week, they can help your child fill any gaps in their learning, work towards a university application or even get a headstart on next term’s work.

They’ll give your teen that extra bit of structure that’s lacking in the holidays, and help spark their passion for learning outside the classroom. In Alexandra’s words, “MyTutor helped us open doors we didn’t know we had”.

Annie’s story

Another parent, Annie, booked three of our tutors for her son over the Summer holidays, in Maths, Chemistry and Biology IB. They live in Switzerland, and with online lessons her son had his choice of tutors from top UK universities. They booked 22 lessons over July and August last year, so just 2-3 hours a week, leaving plenty of time for her son to chill out too. Annie told us why she chose to keep her son’s learning going through the Summer,

“It was to consolidate his knowledge from the previous year, to fill in any gaps he may have and to ensure he has a strong start to the new school year in September.

This Summer, we’ve designed a series of 6-week courses to combat Learning Loss. For Maths, Chemistry, French, Spanish and German, we have a team of tutors on-hand and ready to help your teen. Have a look here to find out more and book your teen’s place!

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