Choosing a tutor based on their location used to be the only way. 

Students all over the world can now reach a broader and more relevant group of educators thanks to developments in technology. 

Read about MyTutor's role in making one-to-one tuition more accessible.

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Published 12th September 2017

Top universities should motivate their students to teach at local schools

If universities want to get more disadvantaged students into university, they need to help them access the support their better-off peers take for granted, argues James Grant

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Published 8th September 2017

Education of the future: Artificial Intelligence used in private tutoring

Private tuition was this week labelled the “hidden secret” in the “arms race” of education. Now scientists have developed the latest weapon: an algorithm to match pupils with tutors, using artificial intelligence.

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Published 28th May 2017

Improve grades rather than lower entry requirements, say undergraduates

Bright pupils from disadvantaged areas would more likely benefit from help improving their GCSE and A level grades, undergraduates from both state and private school backgrounds suggest

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The Telegraph

Published 24 February 2017

In a bid to improve diversity, University of Birmingham offers free tuition

The University of Birmingham has already dropped its entry requirements for children on its Access to Birmingham scheme, by making them offers two grades lower than the norm.

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Published 12 April 2016

Private tutoring on the rise

Drew says the children’s learning was more directly provided by her when the children were young. Now, she works out their weekly study schedule – which is supplemented by online tutoring through organisations such as MyTutor and sports and cultural activities – and largely lets them get on with it.

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Published 21 October 2015

Overcoming distance: how tutoring is being brought to students across the globe

The online business, which currently boasts 900 tutors, can be accessed from anywhere in the UK and beyond. Customers have accessed the site from 45 countries.

All the tutors are undergraduates from top universities and parents can meet up with a tutor for free before engaging their services. 

London has historically been the prime market for tutoring but MyTutor is finding traction regionally.

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Published 13 September 2015

Students look for jobs they can do during term-time

You can work from any location and do as many hours as you like.

To apply [as a tutor], you must be studying at a Russell Group University and have A or A* grades at A-level or equivalent in your chosen subject. If you are teaching A-level students you must also be studying the subjects you tutor as a major element of your degree.

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Published 19 December 2014

Online tutoring: the perfect job for students

There is an easier way however, without even having to leave your home...

“I feel like I’m my own boss,” says Lyth, 20. He dismisses any notion that the online format is less conducive to study: “It immerses you as if you are with them. I think the whiteboard set up is more suitable for subjects like maths. It’s a great job if you’re patient and passionate about your subject...

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Published 13 July 2014

Defeating the summertime employment slump.

Undergraduates are struggling to find holiday jobs, but they are out there.

Another option is, where students can earn up to £12 per hour providing one-to-one online exam support for children studying for A-levels or GCSEs. Undergraduates can work from any location and put in as many or as few hours as they like. To be eligible, you must be studying at one of 24 Russell Group universities — such as Durham, Cardiff and Leeds — and have obtained A or A* grades at A-level or equivalent in your chosen subjects. If teaching A-level students, you must be studying the subjects you tutor as a key element of your degree.

Case study: 
Alice Theobald, 19, has just finished her first year reading English at Magdalen College, Oxford, and has found work during the holiday tutoring GCSE students online.

Theobald, who lives with her parents in West Dulwich, south London, said: “I searched online to try to find work and came across I’d done a bit of tutoring in the past, which involved going to people’s houses, but online is much more straightforward.

“A lot of friends find it hard to get a job or end up doing bar or retail work they don’t enjoy, so I’m pleased I am doing something I love.”

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Published 6 September 2013

Tuition surge as 25% of parents employ a tutor.

David Gibson, from Newbury in Berkshire, got a tutor for his  daughter Cara, who was having some difficulty with a number of her GCSE subjects.

“We paid for maths, geography and physics lessons because Cara was struggling,” he said. “We went through a company called MyTutor, which employs university students. We had great people, we were really lucky. They were of a similar age to Cara which really worked well for her. In fact she’s still in touch with some of them, talking about her results."

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Published 5 April 2014

Online lessons: tutoring at the click of a button

With schools increasingly working with virtual providers, guided learning online is a cost-effective way to get educational help at home, says Katie Hughes. Since MyTutor’s launch last year, this online service has enabled 3,500 tutoring sessions, delivered by Oxbridge and Russell Group university students at £17 an hour. On most days it signs up six new parents in search of tutors. “It’s very easy setting up a tutorial,” says 15-year-old Adrian Markovac, who is home educated and logs on to MyTutor four times a week. “My online tutor leads me through lessons just like any normal teacher would in school and we both upload things to the whiteboard so that we can see them at the same time.”  He says, “Each teacher has a CV on the site, so once you’ve chosen one or two that meet your criteria, you can arrange a free session to see if you might like to study with them."

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Published 29 May 2013

Why using an online tutor is a wise choice for students.

"It is giving university students some way of earning money, which is useful, and it is helping parents like me because you don't have to take the time to take your daughter round to the tutor's house and then pick her up again.."

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Published 1 April 2016

The best jobs for students in Durham

The pay is really good, you can do it from your bedroom and it’s totally flexible so you can work as many hours as you like. It’s a great way to use your subject knowledge while improving confidence and communication skills. It is also relevant experience if you are considering a career in education.

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Published 12 August 2015

Students head online for help with exam results

Turning your sprog into a boffin is getting cheaper. And like most things getting cheaper, it is because of the internet: welcome to online tutoring. As Britain's exam-weary children collect their results for GCSEs, AS and A-levels, many of those who do well will have had a good excuse for spending time in front of a computer screen for hours every week. They have been learning in virtual classrooms.

As well as being cheaper than in-home tutoring, it offers a far greater choice of available tutors, covering all niche subjects across its borderless marketplace. The logistics are simpler because tutors do not have to travel to students and vice versa, meaning people can be available immediately via video chat with all the tools they need, such as an interactive whiteboard.

And the technology means students can replay their lessons for revision. What's more, parents can check in to see what happened for quality or security reasons.

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Published December 29 2016

Da Vinci Community School introduces private online tutoring for secondary students

Pupils at a Derby secondary school are receiving private tuition sessions to help boost their GCSE results. But, instead of paying for tutors to teach them in person at up to £40 an hour, Da Vinci Community School, in Breadsall Hilltop, has signed up with company MyTutor - which charges £18 for an hour online with university students.

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Published 2 December 2014

Entrepreneur hires bright Oxbridge students to teach your children

The online tutoring sector is growing rapidly to keep up with demand and a recent survey from Ipsos MORI earlier this year shows that one in four parents now pay tutors to coach their children.

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My sinchew Logo

Published 5 August 2014

Schoolchildren move online for tutoring success is an innovative, growing force on this scene, giving secondary school pupils around the world instant access to world-class British education by harnessing the knowledge and enthusiasm of the UK's most gifted university students.

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Published 23 March 2014

Oxford student becomes the teacher with online tutoring

AN OXFORD University student from Flax Bourton has been passing on her knowledge and experience to school pupils as part of an innovative online tutoring scheme.

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September/October 2013 Issue

Durham students lead online tutoring trend

"Durham students are the most popular choice for parents of secondary and sixth form pupils in search of high-quality tutoring on the new online tutoring platform"

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Published 26 March 2013

Bristol student top of the class in online tutoring

"Sophie Valentine, 21, a second year undergraduate student of experimental psychology at Bristol University, is a leading tutor for"

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Published 2 March 2015

The new trend in private tuition

Parents have long been filling the family fridge, refreshing their wardrobes and chatting to friends online, but now they’re also logging in to private tutorials for their children with similarly little effort.

Improvements to Britain’s broadband over the last few years have made online tutoring nationally available. And on-screen tutors now have a firm foothold in the private tuition sector that is expected to strengthen as the “Spring-scramble” for one-to-one revision help begins.

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Published 9 February 2015

Online tuition lessens the stress for young learners

A growing area of tutoring in which gifted young university students and academics run one-to-one virtual tutorials, imparting their knowledge via webcams and computer screens to pupils around the world. ‘Online study is fast becoming the norm,’ ‘Pupils find it much more engaging working on an interactive screen with a bright student of similar age than sharing a textbook with a tutor.’ 

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Education Magazine Logo

Published 14 December 2014

Online tutoring promotes near-peer learning

The rise of online tutoring in the UK is paving the way for a growth in peer learning: a teaching method that sees school children tutored by students of a similar age. 

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Published 11 September 2014

Britain exports top university talent through online tuition

It seems that it’s not just British cars that are enjoying a growth in exports this year, but also students from Britain’s top universities, whose online tutoring skills are now in global demand.

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Published 18 February 2014

Online tuition market grows at unprecedented rate founder Robert Grabiner believes that the traditional UK tutoring market is ripe to be disrupted by online tutoring as parents become increasingly aware of the benefits: primarily greater affordability, broader choice and the convenience of not having to travel to sessions. “Enhancements in technology and improvements in broadband speed and connectivity across the country over the last few years have created new opportunities for online tutoring providers. We meet the needs of parents who want high quality support for their children at an affordable price or who aren’t able to drive them to and from sessions,” said Robert.

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Published 10 February 2014

Online tutoring: for parents and children on the go

"We all share a desire to give our children the best possible opportunities to succeed and to reach their full potential – it’s just that juggling the commitments of our own work and of current after-school activities can make this hard to achieve."

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Published 30 December 2013

MyTutor – The new affordable tutoring solution

"MyTutor looks to connect students to outstanding private tutors online at a price that parents can afford. The website serves as an online classroom where excellent university students help secondary school students improve their understanding of subjects and prepare for exams."

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Published 14 November 2013

Education Investor Awards: commendation for MyTutor

We were delighted to be selected as finalists for this year’s Education Investor Awards and were very proud when it was announced we were ‘commended’ in the New Kid of the Year category at the awards ceremony held in London.

‘Innovative new model to open up private tuition to a wider state school educated pupil profile. High quality tuition, personalised to pupil needs via use of online media, accessible price point’

‘A simple concept – that, whilst using the latest technology, recognises the value of personal, face-to-face tuition and the power of peer learning.’

‘Innovative idea using young people to tutor others - differentiated from other IT solutions’

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Published 27 February 2013

How to boost your employment opportunities as a student

"Students are being offered the chance to supplement their income and gain work experience by delivering private tuition for A Level and GCSE candidates across the internet.”

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Published 25 January 2013

MyTutor: startup takes tutoring world by storm

"Students are being offered the chance to supplement their income and gain work experience by delivering private tuition for A Level and GCSE candidates across the internet.”

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The Jewish Chronicle Logo

Published 24 January 2013

Convenience and affordability at the centre of new tutoring company

"A growing number of investors and businessmen believe that education is the one-to-watch sector for technology to disrupt. Robert Grabiner is one of them. A former executive director of programme management at ABN AMRO, he has launched an online start-up, which he hopes could revolutionise the traditional tutoring market.”

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New Business Logo

Published 22 January 2013

Robert Grabiner: channelling student talent to cut tuition prices

"Tutoring has a reputation of being the preserve of only wealthy parents but all that may be about to change"

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Published 12 January 2013

City parent engages students to make private tuition affordable

" is a new concept in private tutoring, created by a north London dad. It's both affordable and convenient for the teacher and student..."

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