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Joining MyTutor as a tutor

  • What is MyTutor?

    MyTutor is an online marketplace which helps parents find brilliant tutors without the hassle and cost of travelling. Instead, tutors can enjoy delivering one-to-one tuition from the comfort of your home or university. Tutors end up with between £10-£20 per lesson and can tutor flexibly around your commitments.
  • How does it work?

    You will receive requests from parents and tutees looking for help in your MyTutor inbox, to which you can respond to let them know if you’re available to help. Once you have established a conversation, parents will book in a 15-minute meet-the-tutor session where you can meet each other, discuss the tuition requirements and prepare for your first lesson. After this, parents will book in lessons at the times that you have agreed. You will meet your tutee in the Lesson space to conduct your lessons, and will be paid for your time.
  • Who is eligible to tutor with MyTutor?

    MyTutor recruits students who are currently studying at top UK Universities, have achieved excellent grades at school, and are eligible to work in the UK on a self-employed basis. You are also welcome to apply if you are undertaking post-graduate study. As well as top grades, we look for enthusiastic, articulate and well-motivated individuals to join us.
  • Do I need previous tutoring experience?

    Previous tutoring experience is useful and considered as part of the selection process. However, it is not strictly necessary for tutoring with MyTutor. As long as you can effectively demonstrate your suitability for the role, passion and expertise in your subject and excellent one-to-one communication combined with the ability to relate to the student then a lack of experience will not count against you.
  • How do I apply to become a tutor?

    Signing up is easy. Just fill in your details on the sign up form and complete your registration. Once you have completed this, we will get back to you within 1 working day in order to invite you to a 15-minute online interview with a member of the team. After that, all that’s left to do is complete your profile and you’ll be ready to go live!
  • What will happen in the interview?

    We like to make sure that our tutors are well motivated, strong communicators and can articulate concepts well. In the interview we will ask you to explain a sample question in your subject field as well as asking a few more general questions relating to tutoring. We will also have the opportunity to run through how MyTutor works and ensure that any questions you may have are answered. Please make sure that you complete your sample question before you attend the interview.
  • What should I write in my sample Q&A?

    Your sample Q&A should be an example of a common question asked by GCSE or A-level students. You may also be asked to run through this question in your interview. You are welcome to upload more than one example. Feel free to have a look at what other tutors have written in the past.
  • Which subjects can I tutor?

    At GCSE you can tutor subjects which you have studied at A-level (or similar) and achieved an A/A* or equivalent grade. To tutor a subject and A-level or equivalent, it must form a major part of your degree.
  • What do I need to run online sessions?

    All that is required to run an online tutoring session is a working internet connection, webcam and earphones with working microphone. If you tutor maths or science subjects you will also need to have use of a writing tablet to conduct your lessons.
  • Where can I learn more about the MyTutor rules and guidelines?

    Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Please remember that this is a tutoring website. We cannot give students the answers; we can only iron out problems so that they are able to eventually tackle their work independently. As always, please respect the students, tutors and team at MyTutor.
  • Can I apply after I graduate?

    In exceptional circumstances we will consider applications from graduate tutors. Those who no longer have use of their university email address or have graduated more than one year ago will be required to obtain an enhanced DBS check. Please email us on if you would like to enquire.
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Your tutor account

  • How do I edit my profile?

    You can edit your personal details at any time, or edit the details you provided as part of your application from your tutor account.
  • How can I change my availability?

    During busy times you may wish to set yourself as unavailable, or edit your general availability. You can do this here.
  • How long does it take to get your first lesson?

    Most tutors get their first lesson within 2 weeks of signing up.
    There are two main factors which will affect how long it takes you to get your first lesson.

    The first factor which will affect how quickly you get your first lesson is how proactive you are on the site. Tutor requests are a great way of advertising your availability, as is having an up to date profile with a well-worded resume and engaging video resume. Most tutors find their first tutee within a couple of weeks of joining. If you’re feeling a little lonely with no tutees, just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to help.

    The second is the time of year during which you sign up. Tutoring is a seasonal business which has it’s peak in the period before GCSEs and A-levels and the quietest period during the summer holiday. Therefore, signing up in April may mean that you can find tutees much more quickly than if you sign up in July. However, the rule of thumb is the sooner you sign up, the better – there are always parents looking to get in touch with tutors!
  • Can I continue tutoring after I graduate?

    Yes! Once you’ve signed up with MyTutor we’d be delighted for you to continue with us. Please make sure that your personal email address is up to date and that you opt in to receiving notifications to this address.
  • How do I find work?

    There are two ways that you can get in touch with parents and find tutees. Firstly, parents may contact you directly having seen your profile so make sure your profile picture, resume and video resume are up to date and the best they can be. You can see some guidance on our forum.
  • Secondly, the best way to advertise your availability and find new tutees is by looking out for and replying to tutor requests. Here are some hints and tips on how to make sure your replies stand out.
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Managing Bookings and lessons

  • What is a tutor request?

    A tutor request is the best way to find new tutees. Parents post a request for a subject and level, rather than messaging a specific tutor. You can see if there are any requests for your subjects by checking the Tutor request section of your account.
  • I’ve received a tutor request, why can’t I see it on my account?

    Once the response limit is reached (usually parents ask for 3-5 responses), requests are removed from your account. Reply quickly to avoid missing out.
  • What is a meet-the-tutor session?

    You can book an lesson directly from the tutor’s profile. It’s best to discuss timings with the tutor in a message first to make sure that they are available. You can then just book in the slot with them and they will confirm it.
  • How do I book a meet-the-tutor session?

    Once you have agreed on a time with a parent, they will send you a booking request to which you should try and respond to as soon as possible. As soon as you accept the session it will be confirmed. All that remains is to use the ‘Launch’ link to enter the lesson space a couple of minutes before the session is due to start.
  • How do I book an lesson?

    Once you have agreed on a time with a parent, they will send you a booking request to which you should try and respond to as soon as possible. Once you have accepted the lesson, the parent will be notified and will make payment to confirm the booking. You can then enter the lesson space a couple of minutes before the lesson is due to start using the blue ‘Launch’ link.
  • How do I make sure a booking is confirmed?

    Tutorials are provisional until they have been confirmed by the tutor and paid for by the parent. You will know that an lesson is confirmed when it appears under the ‘Confirmed lessons’ section of your lesson Bookings. If you have an lesson booked and it hasn’t been confirmed 24 hours before it is due to start, it may be helpful to send a polite note to the parent double checking that the lesson will still go ahead, and refer them to our contact in case they are having any issues.
  • How do I reschedule an lesson?

    If you can’t make an lesson the first thing to do is to send the parent a message and ask them if they would be able to reschedule the lesson. Tutors should only reschedule an lesson in exceptional circumstances, and once lessons are confirmed they should take place at the agreed date and time. Parents can reschedule from their account up to 12 hours before the lesson is due to take place. If you need to reschedule an lesson outside of this time frame, please get in touch on
  • Can I get help mark and review my tutee's work?

    If you’ve ever been asked to mark up an essay or review a piece of coursework, students can book and pay for your time by booking a marking time.
  • What is a marking time?

    Marking times make it easy to review and mark work when you don't need to meet your student in the lesson space. Parents book and pay in the same way they do for lessons.

    How do they work?
    1. Receive request - When booking, parents and students can select 'Marking times' in the booking form
    2. Assess work - Ask your student to send the work over when they book so that you can check you'll be able to complete it in the requested time frame
    3. Agree deadline - The session time will be the ‘Submission date’ which you should treat as your deadline. Be sure to confirm this with the student and make sure they have paid to confirm the session!
    4. Work and get paid - Time to get marking! Once the work is done payment will work exactly as it does for lessons. 
  • How do I refund lessons if they do not go ahead?

    If an lesson does not go ahead and needs to be refunded this can be done from your Lesson bookings up to 48 hours after the lesson had been due to take place.
  • What happens if a parent cancels a session?

    A parent can cancel and refund an lesson up to 24 hours before an lesson is due to start. However, if a parent wishes to cancel an lesson within 24 hours then this is at your discretion. Remember that parents can reschedule lessons up to 12 hours before they are due to start so this may be a good solution if a parent or student can no longer make a scheduled lesson at short notice. If you have any concerns about making a refund, please get in touch with us on
  • How do I launch the lesson space?

    You can enter the lesson space a few minutes before an lesson is due to start using the blue ‘launch’ button next to the tutorial or meet-the-tutor session booking.
  • What is the virtual lesson space like?

    The virtual lesson space has a video link and whiteboard, but don’t take our just word for it – try if for yourself in the test lesson space!
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  • How much do I earn with MyTutor?

    Every tutor can set the prices that clients pay by choosing from five bands ranging from £18-£30 per hour (two standard and three premium bands). This means that tutors end up with between £10-£20 per hour after MyTutor charges and VAT. You can find out more on the ‘ My Prices’ section of your account.
  • How do parents pay for lessons?

    Parents pay for their lessons online through MyTutor using the secure payment system SagePay. lessons must be paid by the parents for before they are due to take place, and the parent will be prompted to do this when they make the booking. They can also make payment any time by going to the lesson booking and selecting to make payment for it directly.
  • When will I be paid?

    Payments are made directly to your bank account every two weeks and you can view the details on our tutor payments page.
  • How do I change my charges for lessons?

    You can do this at any time from the ‘ My Prices section of your account. If you decide to increase your charges, parents with whom you are already working will appreciate it if their prices are kept the same for at least one academic year. You can allocate individual prices to parents on the same page.
  • I’ve done an lesson but haven’t been paid, can you help?

    If you haven’t been paid for an lesson, check when payment was due on the payments calendar. If you believe that you have not been paid when you should have been, just drop us an email with the details on
  • Where can I check or edit my bank details?

    You can check and edit these any time from your payment details.
  • Do I need to register as self-employed?

    Yes, as a tutor you will need to register as self-employed and declare your earnings. Please make sure you are eligible to work in the UK on a self-employed basis before applying. This may not be the case if you are from outside the EU or on a tier-4 visa and have not completed any tertiary education in the past.
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Feedback and reviews

  • How do I write a report after an lesson?

    You will be prompted to leave feedback once your lesson is completed, but you can edit what you have written later by following the ‘Leave Feedback’ link next to the Lesson entry.
  • What are the reviews on my profile?

    After each lesson the students and/or their parents are invited to leave feedback on the session. These reviews will then show up on your profile to let other parents know what a star tutor you are.
  • How can I get reviews after I’ve done an lesson?

    If you’ve done some lessons but haven’t received any feedback yet, there’s no harm in reminding parents how helpful it would be for them to let you know what they think you’ve done well and what you could improve on. They can do this at any time after an lesson has taken place by leaving a review on the lesson booking.
  • I’d like to leave a review for MyTutor, how do I do this?

    We’d love to hear your feedback. If you’d like to write a review online, you can do this on our Google+ page. Alternatively , you can contact us directly on Your comments are invaluable to helping us improve the service and ensuring high quality tuition at all times, so please don’t be shy.
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Online Safety

  • How does MyTutor ensure online safety?

    Your safety online is our utmost priority. Our site has been developed with this in mind, and we have a number of checks in place to ensure that tutors and students remain in a safe environment at all times. For further details, please visit our section on staying safe online, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  • Do I need to get an Enhanced DBS check?

    If you have already left university, or do not have access to your university email address you will be required to provide an enhanced DBS check. If you do not already have one, MyTutor can help you acquire one at a discounted rate. While this is not a requirement for undergraduate tutors, parents give strong preference to those who have a DBS and this will also be to your advantage during your application.
  • How do you secure payments?

    All card payment are made through a secure third-party payment provider, SagePay.
  • Can students watch back lessons after they are completed?

    Yes, lessons are recorded and saved onto the student’s account for two weeks after the session takes place. Parents can also watch these lessons from their account.
    • A student or parent has asked for my private contact details, what shall I do?

      It is against our Terms and Conditions to solicit or give out personal details such as email addresses, phone numbers or your skype account details. You should be able to communicate easily on MyTutor through our messaging service and in your live sessions. If you are having trouble getting hold of someone, or a parents asks for your details, please just get in touch to let us know at

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