What to expect in our 3:1 lesson space

Posted 21st September 2020

We’ve revamped our lesson space for group tuition, and we hope you’re geeking out about it as much as we are.

lesson-space-illustrationHere’s a run-down of what to expect:

  1. Text boxes have been supercharged – think new look and feel, fewer bugs and more formatting options 💪
  2. Cursor and view outline tracking mean you can easily tell what your students are looking at…👀 Each student will have a different colour
  3. You can use Present Mode, which stops students from being able to draw on the whiteboard 🙋‍♀️
  4. You can chat privately with individual students in case they’re nervous 📝
  5. You’ll be able to share your screen; a great way to keep all three students engaged 🖥️ 
  6. We’ve cleaned up the canvas space by moving the icons (and we’ve built a settings menu) 🧹
  7. We’ve built powerpoint style navigation so it’ll be easier to manage pages 📚

We hope you’re as excited as us for our shiny new update!

As ever, if you have any questions about the new lesson space (or just want to tell us what you think of it), we’re all ears. You can reach us on support@mytutor.co.uk or 0203 773 6024.

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