Start tutoring KS2 with these resources 📚

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen that lots more parents are looking for KS2 tuition for their children – so now’s a great time to get yourself some new students.

Even if you haven’t tutored this age group much before, you’ve probably got lots of transferable skills from your other lesson experience. To help you feel confident and prepared, we’ve put together some handy tips and resources specifically for KS2, from lesson plans and curriculum breakdowns, to advice for spring cleaning your profile.


Whether you’re in a free meeting or a lesson, great resources will always make it much easier for you to do a great job. In free meetings, parents are often looking for tutors who can not only teach their child, but keep them entertained and motivated too. This is even more true for primary-age students, who have famously fickle attention spans!

As younger students are often quite shy when meeting someone new for the first time, having a bank of fun and challenging activities to draw on can be really useful in free meetings, where you can use them as a bit of an icebreaker.

You can access our specially curated resource bank here, where you’ll find a variety of worksheets, activities and videos to keep students engaged in lessons.

KS2 curriculum

Sometimes, parents or students know exactly what they want from their tutoring sessions, which is great for you! But other times, they’ll rely on you to take the lead on where to start.

To keep from drawing a blank, it’s helpful to have a decent grasp of the KS2 curriculum, so you can reassure the parent that there will be some structure to your lessons. You can find the full KS2 curriculum from the Department for Education here

This is a pretty hefty document, but you can navigate it more easily using the bookmark menu – click the bookmark icon in the top-right corner to see tabs for individual subjects.

We’ve also made some simple checklists for you to bring up in your first lesson or free meeting, to help you map out your student’s strengths and weaknesses:


Making your profile KS2-friendly can help you get more work. We’ve found that profiles which specifically mention experience working with KS2 students get the most free meetings.

If you’ve got any experience with KS2, give this a big mention in the ‘About Me’ section of your profile. This doesn’t necessarily have to be formal tutoring experience, either – even if you’ve helped out a younger sibling, for example, this is still worth adding.

But if you don’t have any experience, don’t worry! There are lots of other ways to make your profile stand out and encourage parents to book. Make your description fun and friendly, throw in a reference to how you use resources in your tutorials, or upload a unique profile video. It all helps! 

Start tutoring KS2 with these resources 📚

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen that lots more parents are looking for KS2 tuiti...

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