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Romana M.

St Catherine's College, Oxford - MPhil Buddhist Studies (Masters)

Oxford PhD student aiming to empower all students to achieve their best and enjoy the process of working hard.



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311 lessons

Romana M.

St Catherine's College, Oxford - MPhil Buddhist Studies (Masters)

Oxford PhD student aiming to empower all students to achieve their best and enjoy the process of working hard.

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  • What makes a good tutor?

    Subject knowledge is a must, but being a good tutor is really about explaining difficult concepts in a way that's clear, engaging and personalised for each student. You can have three degrees in Physics, but that doesn't mean you'll be good at explaining it at GCSE level! Tutors who can empathise with their students and help them build confidence help teens unleash their potential, and we see amazing results in just a few lessons.

    Our tutors are from top UK unis, and because they're just a few years older, they can explain things in a way that teens find relatable. We interview all of our tutors, and only the friendliest and most knowledgeable make it on to our platform. We're very picky about it - just 1 in 8 applicants make the cut.

    Pick from over 30 subjects at GCSE, A Level and beyond. Click below to find a tutor at the level you need:

  • Which tutor is right for you?

    Before you look for a tutor, it's helpful to have a really clear idea of exactly where your child needs help - whether with a specific English Literature text, one area of Maths or their exam technique - and filter your choices accordingly. If you're not sure where they need to focus, having a chat with them or their teacher can help you work out the best place to start. In a free meeting, you can then ask the tutor any questions you like and see how well they get on with your child before deciding to book.

  • Why is online tutoring important?

    Online tutoring gives kids the chance to learn at their own pace and in a way that matches their learning style. Teens are often too shy to put their hand up in class - especially if they're struggling. The reassurance of one-to-one tutoring means they can ask all the questions they want, and go over topics as much as they need until they get it.

  • What are the benefits of online tutoring?

    One-to-one tutoring lets kids unleash their potential. Worried about learning gaps? We'll fill them in. No tutors in your area? We've got you covered. No academic confidence? No problem. Whatever your child needs help with, their tutor will guide them through tricky topics and boost their self-belief. With the personalised one-to-one support from their tutor, your child can get the grades they deserve.

  • How much does a tutor cost?

    Our tutors set their own prices based on their experience and qualifications, starting from £22/hour at GCSE level. Most of our tutors charge between £22 and £30 an hour. You can see all the tutors who match your budget with the handy price filter on our Find a tutor page.

  • How to find a tutor?

    Finding a tutor is easy. Whatever you need, you can search and filter by subject, level, price, experience and more.

    1. View our tutors, and narrow your search by subject, academic level or price. Or if you'd like expert help, book a call with our free tutor matching service.
    2. Compare their profiles to learn about their background, experience and availability. Don't forget to take a peek at their reviews from parents and students!
    3. Message a tutor (or two, or three) and book your free meeting at a time that suits you.
    4. Book a lesson and pay as you go. There are no hidden costs and you can skip or cancel any time.
  • How do online lessons work?

    We have our own online lesson space with video chat, messaging and an interactive whiteboard - this makes it easy for students and tutors to talk to each other, discuss tricky concepts and do practice questions together. With the live video chat, they can have a natural back-and-forth conversation - just like on FaceTime, Whatsapp and other apps teens use all the time.

More information about Sanskrit tutors

How much does it cost to get a Sanskrit tutor? Our prices start from £22-£57. Looking for flexible tutorials, regular blocks throughout the school year or even holiday cover? Our tutorials can be booked as and when you need them with no minimum commitment. How do I find a Sanskrit tutor? Looking for a Sanskrit tutor? You’re already in the right place. Our wide range of skilled tutors are ready to share their expertise and get your teen over the finish line. Here’s a few things to think about (and ask tutors) whilst searching for a tutor: - Academic background - are there specific topics that you’d like to cover? Are they familiar with your exam board? Do they need any extra information about your teen’s learning style? - Availability - are they able to offer tutorials at the right times, e.g. weekend evenings or during Easter? Are they flexible if your family’s schedule changes? - Personality fit - can they get the concepts across in an engaging way for your teen? Do you think they’ll get along and make the tutorials interesting? Are they adaptable to your teen’s way of working? Will a tutor make a difference to my teen’s Sanskrit studies? Sanskrit students often benefit from one-to-one tutoring at any level to make sure they stay on track throughout the year and ultimately hit their goals. A few popular areas that tutors can work through with students are: - Tracking progress - your tutor can keep on top of how well your teen’s doing and create a plan to help them smash their targets. Having the road planned out can improve confidence and help them stay energised throughout their Sanskrit studies, getting them a big step closer to success. - Boosting content knowledge - going back over tough topics, verb tenses, or vocab can help your teen strengthen their Sanskrit skills. Tutors will help them fill in the gaps and make sure they’re feeling confident and prepared ahead of their Sanskrit exams. - Getting ready for exams - our tutors can share their own tested experience on how to approach Sanskrit exams to hit the marking criteria and achieve top marks. Encourage your teen to be open with their tutor about the areas they’re looking to cover - tutors can tailor your teen’s tutorials around these areas to get the most out of tutoring and get the results they’re working towards. Interested? Why not book a free video meeting to chat with one of our top Sanskrit tutors today.

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