titration calculation: 35cm3 of Hydrochloric Acid reacts with 27.5cm3, 0.3mol/dm3 NaOH. What is the Concentration of the Hydrochloric Acid?

  1. Write out what you know:

    HCL - VOL: 35 --- CONC: (x) --- MOL: (x)
    NaOH - VOL: 27.5 --- CONC: 0.3 --- MOL: (x)

  2. Realise what you can work out - Mol of NaOH in this case
    Mol = Conc x (Vol/1000)
    so Mol = 0.3 x (27.5/1000)
    Mol = 0.00825

  3. Now you have all the Info for one substance and most importantly the moles of a substance.

  4. Mol Ratio is 1:1 unless the question says otherwise

  5. Rearrange Mol = Conc x (Vol/1000)
    to make Conc = Mol / (Vol/1000)
    Conc = 0.00825 / (35/1000)
    Conc = 0.235

    0.24mol/dm3 = Conc of HCL

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