How do I write an English Literature essay effectively?

Firstly, there are different types of essay. GCSE English Literature/Language essays will differ. Literature encourages you to write an argumentative essay. Key points to remember: 1. It is important for an essay to be well-structured. In order to achieve an effective structure, your essay must be a) Ordered logically - points should flow in a logical sequence to avoid repetition. b) Paragraphs must flow - connectives are key. Signpost your essay so the examiner can follow your line of argument (eg. therefore, thus, consecuently) 2. Your essay should be concise a). Plan your essay in order to avoid repeating ideas b) Less is more. Descriptive language may be valuable in an English Language exam but when writing an argumentative piece it is better to state your point concisely and clearly by eliminating unecesary adjectives etc. (and thus minimising lengthy/rambling sentences) 3. The introduction and conclusion should bookmark the essay. The introduction should introduce the topic of yur essay and how you intend on addressing the topic. The conclusion should summarise the content of your essay and include your own, personal opinion. a) In the conclusion do not include new information/expand upon ideas previously stated 4. PEEL. P - point, E - evidence, E - explain, L - link a) Justify your point with evidence (eg. with examples taken from the text/quotes), then explain the relevance of the quote General tips: - When giving your opinion or concluding avoid personal pronouns such as 'my' or 'I', instead use 'one can conclude...'   - Some exam boards are different. (eg. prefered structure/opinions pref) Look up and adhere to your board's pref.

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