To what extent does the impact of the First World War explain the outbreak of 2 revolutions in Russia in 1917?

The First World War displayed the ineffectiveness and under preparation of the Russian army as by 1917 there were c.4 million Russian soldiers dead and c.3 million wounded; this caused resentment towards a Tsarist system of government from all sectors of society. It is because of this that the First World War is the most important factor in explaining why two revolutions occured in February and October 1917, although other political and social factors did contribute to the outbreak.

Although to a lesser extent than the First World War, other political and social factors contributed to the outbreak of the revolutions as the political system that existed in Russia was outdated, corrupt and repressive, leading to many, especially the middle classes, feeling underrepresented in government. This was as a result of Tsar Nicholas II being unwilling to make concessions to representative government as shown by his issue of the restraining 1906 Fundamental Laws stressing that he was 'Supreme Autocrat' following the 1905 Revolution. This led to much dissatisfaction within Russia which led to an increasing number of strikes among urban workers and peasants, arguably contributing to the onset of the February Revolution. 

Furthermore, the corrupt extent of the political system undoubtedly contributed to its overthrow and the Tsar's abdication in the March of 1917...

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