Don't know how to write a good essay?

I am a History Undergraduate at Durham and studied History A Level at City of London School for Girls, giving me a pretty good idea of how to both write, and teach others to write a good essay. I won the Corpus Christi College, Cambridge history essay writing prize in year 12 and I have a thorough knowledge of exam technique. My area of expertise is 16th Century history, but I am also knowledgable in most of the other topics covered in A level, as well as GCSE.

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2 years ago

Answered by Hannah, who has applied to tutor A Level History with MyTutor

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Ellen K.

Degree: History BA (Bachelors) - Oxford, St Edmund Hall University

Subjects offered:History, English+ 1 more


“Reliable, friendly Oxford University History student able to work with all exam boards and HAT candidates to help you reach your potential!”

£20 /hr

Benjamin D.

Degree: History and Politics (Bachelors) - Oxford, Brasenose College University

Subjects offered:History, English Literature+ 1 more

English Literature

“Consistent A* student of History and Politics at Oxford University tutoring in History and English. Friendly, Patient and Informative tutoring style.”

£20 /hr

Alexander H.

Degree: History and Philosophy (equal) (Bachelors) - York University

Subjects offered:History, Politics+ 1 more

-Personal Statements-

“Friendly, competent student who uses personal experience to aid teaching in a variety of subjects”

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£20 /hr

Hannah C.

Degree: History (Bachelors) - Durham University

Subjects offered:History, Maths+ 2 more

-Personal Statements-

“I'm a History student in my second year at Durham with loads of experience both in tutoring and teaching as well as informal education with teenagers and younger children. I studied Economics, Latin and Maths at A Level, as well as Hi...”

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Don't know how to write a good essay?

Don't know where to start?

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