Given a table showing grouped data and the frequency of each class, find the median Q2

Step 1: Add a cumulative frequency column to the table

Step2: Use the formula n/2 (where n is the final total in the cumulative frequency column) to find the class the median, Q2, is in.

Let n/2= a, so that Qis in the class d<=y<e

because in the cumulative frequency column , b<a<c where b is the cumulative frequency of the class before d<=y<e and c the cumulative frequency of the class after


Step 3: Find the lower and upper class boundaries of the class that Q2 is in.

Q2 is the class d<=y<e.

Let class before d<=y<e  with cumulative frequency b be f<=y<g

Let the class after d<=y<e  with cumulative frequency c be  h<=y<i

Lower class boundary= l = (g+d)/2

Upper class boundary = u= (e+h)/2



Step 4: Interpolate to find Q

Using the following formula, the value of Q2 can be found:

(Q2-l) / (u-l) = (n/2-b) / (c-b)


We know from step 2

Qis in the class d<=y<e

b<a<c with n/2=a

b= the cumulative frequency of the class before the class Qis in

c= cumulative frequency of the class after the class Qis in


We know from step 3

 l=lower class boundary of the class d<=y<e

u= upper class boundary of the class d<=y<e

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