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How do you find the acute angle between two intersecting lines whos equations are given in vector form?

For this question we first need to understand which angle it is we're calculating. When two lines intersect two pairs of equal and opposite angles are formed (4 angles total). We are looking to find the s...

Answered by Maths tutor

The point P has coordinates (3, 4) The point Q has coordinates (a, b) A line perpendicular to PQ is given by the equation 3x + 2y = 7 Find an expression for b in terms of a

y = -3/2x + 7/2gradient = -3/2
gradient of perpendicular = 2/3
y = 2/3x + c
sub in given values of x and y to find c
y = 2/3x + 2
sub in a and b, so:
b = 2/3a + 2

Answered by Usamah A. Maths tutor

A bonus of £2100 is shared by 10 people who work for a company. 40% of the bonus is shared equally between 3 managers. The rest of the bonus is shared equally between 7 salesmen. One of the salesmen says, “If the bonus is shared equally between all 10

to start, find value of money shared by managers and then staff:Managers: (40/100) x 2100 = 840 Staff: 2100 - 840 = 1260 Then find share for each employee:Staff: 1260/7 = 180Share if divided equally: 2100...

Answered by Kavya G. Maths tutor

Solve: x^2+x-6=0

This is a quadratic equation. Its factorises to give: (x-2)(x+3)=0. Therefore there are two different solutions of this equation: x1=2 and x2=-3.

Answered by Marta B. Maths tutor

A truck is carrying 8.5 tonnes of produce. Find the amount of produce the truck is carrying in kg.

1 tonne is equal to 1,000kg, so we get 8.5 tonnes ≡8.5×1,000= 8,500kg

Answered by Sarah J. Maths tutor

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