How does the heart pump blood through the chambers of the heart to then send it round he body?

Firstly the heart is myogenic, thereofore is controlled by the autonomic nervous system hence doesnt require conscious control. The pumping mechanism of the heart begins with stimulation of the Sinoatrial node, in the back wall of the right atria (top right chamber). This releases an impulse accross both artia causing the walls to contract, increasing the pressure to force open the bicsupid and tricuspid valves seperating the atria from the ventricals. This stimulation can not reach the ventricular walls via any other route (in a healhy individual) other than via the Atrioventicular node found in the septum ( wall seperating the two sides of the heart). This conducts the impulse down the bundle of his in the septum to the apex of the heart to then spread round the ventricular walls. This causes contraction of the ventricular walls by the purkjne fibers conducting the impulse. This increases the pressure of the ventrials forcing blood out. Blood in the right ventrical leaves via the pulmonary artery to the lungs, and the blood in the left ventrical leaves via the aorta to flow round the body.

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