Solve this pair of simultaneous equations to find x and y

(1) 2x - 5y = 11

(2) 3x + 2y = 7


Multiply equation (1) by 3 & Multiply equation (2) by 2 to give equal values for x:

(3) 6x - 15y = 33

(4) 6x + 4y = 14


Take equation (4) away from equation (3) in order to eliminate the x value:

-15y - 4y = 33 - 14

-19y = 19

y = -1


Subsitute back in to equation (1) or (2) to find the value of x:

(1) 2x - 5y = 11

     2x - 5(-1) = 11

     2x + 5 = 11

     2x = 6

     x = 3



(2) 3x + 2y = 7

     3(3) + 2(-1) = 7

     9 + (-2) = 7

     9 - 2 = 7

James B. GCSE Maths tutor, GCSE ICT tutor, GCSE Physics tutor

10 months ago

Answered by James, a GCSE Maths tutor with MyTutor

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