Karen got 32 out of 80 on a Maths test. She got 38% on an English test. Which test did she do better in?

32 out of 80 on a Maths test

38% on an English test

As we don't know any other information about the English test (e.g. her mark and the total mark) the only way that we can compare the two results is by using percentages. 

Therefore to find the answer, we need to find her percentage in the maths test

Step 1: 32 ÷ 80 = 0.4 

Step 2: Turn the decimal into a percentage

0.4 x 100 = 40% 

Answer: Karen achieved 40% in her maths test and 38% in her English test. This means that Karen did better in her Maths test. 

Vicky C. GCSE Maths tutor

1 year ago

Answered by Vicky, a GCSE Maths tutor with MyTutor

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