This question is for a medical school interview: Are you aware of the teaching style and methods used by this medical school? Can you tell us any advantages of that method?


My answer is for the University of Liverpool medical school:Yes, Liverpool medical school uses an integrated/system based method. The main learning objectives are covered through lectures which are supplemented by CBL. The syllabus is separated into system based blocks where students are taught anatomy, physiology and pathology at the same time for that particular system. In order to support their anatomy, cadaver prosections are used from the 1st year on a frequent basis. Additionally, clinical skills seminars take place in order to enhance students' ability to work in a clinical environment and master all the skill needed for practical examination. Finally, early patient contact is guaranteed as students start their hospital placements from 2nd year.I personally believe that this is the safest and most enjoyable way to learn medicine. In particular, lectures act as a safeguard to make sure that students are taught all the required information. A course based solely on lectures would be boring and student wouldn't get the necessary skills to become a good doctor. This is achieved through CBL which promotes teamwork and problem solving alongside with the other things i have mentioned earlier. i believe that this course suits my learning style by 100% as i enjoy being a part of a team and gain a lot from such experiences.

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