120 men and 80 women were asked if they drive to work. Altogether 1/4 of people said yes. And a 1/3 the of men said yes. What fraction of women said yes?


Step 1- Workout how many people overall said yes.
We Know overall there are 200 people and of these 200 people 1/4 said yes. Therefore, we need to workout 1/4 of 200. Simply divide 200 by 4. 200/4=50. So we know overall 50 people drive to work.
Step 2- Work out how many men to drive to work.
We know there are 120 men and that 1/3 of them drive to work. Therefore, we need to workout 1/3 of 120. Again simple divide 120/3 = 40. So we know 40 men drive to work.
Step 3- Work out how many women drive to work.
We now know 50 people drive to work and 40 of these are men. This means that 10 women drive to work as 50-40=10.
Step 4- Turn the number of women who drive to work into a fraction.
We know that 10 women drive to work out of the 80 women that were asked. So 10/80. Can simplify this by finding a common factor. In this case 10 goes into 10 and 80. Therefore, divide both by 10 to get 1/8.
Answer is 1/8.

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