Sarah’s collection contains dresses, skirts and blouses. If the ratio of dresses to skirts is 7 to 4 and the ratio of skirts to blouses is 7 to 2, what is the ratio of dresses to blouses?

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Skirts are common in both ratios.

Multiply both ratios by the factors such that skirts are represented by the same number

Dresses: skirts = 7: 4

Skirts: blouses = 7: 2

Multiply the first by 7 and the second by 4.


Dresses: skirts = 49: 28

Skirts: blouses = 28: 8

[Skirts are represented by the same number: 28]

Therefore, when we combine the two ratios, we find that the ratios of dresses to blouses is 49:8

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