Expand and simplify the following equation 5a(4b - 3) - 2a(6 + b)

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In order to simplify this equation, first we need to expand the two brackets.

To expand 5a(4b - 3) we multiply 5a with each term inside the brackets. Therefore, we get 5a * 4b - 5a * 3 = 20ab - 15a

Doing the same thing for 2a(6 + b), we get 12a + 2ab

Now to simplify the equation we put together the two new terms:

20ab - 15a - (12a + 2ab)  = 20ab - 15a - 12a - 2ab

Grouping up the first and the last term, we get the final expression: 

18ab - 27a

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