Express X/((X+1)(X+2)) in partial fractions. OCR C4 style question

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This question is asking us to split up the fraction into two separate fractions.

To begin we use one of the standard forms for solving partial fractions, this is (A/(X+1))+(B/(X+2)).

To solve set the first equation equal to the standard form and then solve as shown below.

X/((X+1)(X+2)= (A/(X+1))+(B/(X+2))


We can solve this equation by substituting in values for X, shown below:


The second bracket is cancelled out and so we are left with:




The first bracket is cancelled out and so we are left with:


Putting all of this back together gives:

(2/(X+2)) –(1(X+1))

Apologies for the style of the equations the website currently doesn’t support words equation editor.

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