Can I do medicine without having all As or A*s at A level?

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Yes! Although most universities look for As and A*s at A level for entry into their A100 (undergraduate) courses, there are other ways to get there!

A number of universities (Nottingham, Swansea, Liverpool, Warwick to name a few) now offer graduate entry medical degrees which are usually 4 years instead of 5. To apply to these you will need a 2:1 or above in any degree (I highly recommend a science one though).

For example, I applied to five medical science BSc's at A-level, got into my first choice, achieved a first, did my medical school preparation in my second year and got into Nottingham medical school on my first application.

Don't worry about it having taken longer, you will be so much more confident in your studying skills and knowledge having done a degree already!

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is an online Mentoring -Medical School Preparation- tutor with MyTutor studying at Nottingham University

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