How would you explain oxidative phosphorylation and chemiosmosis?

Reduced coenzymes produced in the Krebs cycle; glycolysis and Link Reaction (Reduced NAD and FAD) carry Hydrogen ions and electrons to the inner mitochondrial membrane , within the membrane are a number of protein complexes making up an electron transport chain , the electrons are passed along this chain and as they do so energy is lost from them and is used by other coenzymes to pump the H+ ions from the matrix out into the inter membrane space across the membrane, this causes a ph and electrochemical gradient across the membrane and as a result H+ ions move back into the matrix to reduce this gradient (Chemiosmosis) via ion channels which facilitate the conversion of ADP and Pi to ATP via an ATP synthase enzyme. Oxygen acts as the final electron acceptor taking 4 electrons from the last electron carrier and 4 H+ ions from the matrix and forming 2 molecules of H2O

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