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Je m'appelle Loïs Spahr et je suis une étudiante de l'Université d'Exeter. Je suis française et j'étudie de l'Histoire et de la Politique. 

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2 months ago

Answered by Lois, a 13 Plus French tutor with MyTutor

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Ruby K.

Degree: French and Italian (Bachelors) - Edinburgh University

Subjects offered: French, History+ 3 more

Extended Project Qualification
English Language

“About me: I’m currently in my first year studying French and Italian at the University of Edinburgh. I live in Scotland now, but I went to school and college in England. I love learning and hope to share my passion for academia with y...”

£20 /hr

Hannah R.

Degree: History with a European Language (Bachelors) - University College London University

Subjects offered: French, History+ 5 more

English Literature
-Personal Statements-

“About Me: Hi! I'm Hannah, I studied the IB diploma, graduating in 2015 and I am currently studying History and French at University College London.My passion for History means that I have a knowledge of many different periods, and wou...”

£18 /hr

Jakob H.

Degree: French and Spanish (Bachelors) - Warwick University

Subjects offered: French, Spanish


“A bit about me: ¡Buenos días! Bonjour! Hi! My name is Jakob and I am a second year student at the University of Warwick studying French and Hispanic studies. I am a naturally confident, easy-going, and happy young man with a passion ...”

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£18 /hr

Lois S.

Degree: History, Politics and Japanese (Bachelors) - Exeter University

Subjects offered: French, History


“Hello,  My name is Loïs Spahr and I am a French student studying at the University of Exeter. I am currently pursuing a degree in History and Politics with fluency in Japanese. I would be happy to help students of any age with their F...”

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Introduce yourself in French

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Introduce yourself in French

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