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A Level

What is artificial life?

Artificial life, also known as synthetic life, is life that is created from scratch. In order for it to be considered life, it should have a membrane which is capable of self-assembly and able ...

Answered by Biology tutor

What's the difference between "brain cells" and "neurons"?

Neurons are sometimes referred to as brain cells, but they aren't only found in the brain - and they aren't the only type of cell that makes up the brain! In fact, you have one hundred million in your gut...

Answered by John S. Biology tutor

What is the difference between sympatric and allopatric forms of speciation?

Sympatric speciation occurs between populations of an ancestral species that inhabit the same geographical area. Allopatric speciation occurs between populations of an ancestral species that become isolat...

Answered by Giles A. Biology tutor

Explain the importance of dialysis fluid containing no urea and normal plasma levels of salt, glucose and minerals. [4]

Dialysis is used to treat patients with kidney failure - it can also be referred to as renal replacement therapy (RRT). This means that the treatment acts to replace the function of normal kidneys - to fi...

Answered by Khadija Y. Biology tutor

can you explain the process of muscle contraction

Muscle contraction essentially depends on the interaction between actin light chains and myosin heavy chains in muscle fibres. We will first consider light chains; these are made up of actin filaments, ar...

Answered by Oliver P. Biology tutor

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