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A Level

What makes the alveolus adapted for efficient gas exchange?

The alveolus is the terminal component of the lung. The efficiency of gas exchange across its wall and into the blood is dependent on several factors including; adequate ventilation, adequate blood supply...

Answered by Helen B. Biology tutor

Explain how proteins are synthesised through the processes of transcription and translation.

To fully understand how proteins are synthesised, we first need to understand the fundamentals of protein structure. If this is a concept you're comfortable with, feel free to skip this paragraph. Protein...

Answered by Tabitha T. Biology tutor

Compare and contrast the structure and properties of phospholipids with those of triglycerides.

Both types of molecule contain glycerol, contain ester bonds and contain the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen (but phospholipids also contain phosphorus). The fatty acids contained in both types of mo...

Answered by Biology tutor

Describe how altered DNA can lead to cancer.

If a mutation occurs in the section of DNA that is the tumour suppressor gene, and if this mutation changes the amino acid sequence that the gene codes for (in most cases, there is more than one codon per...

Answered by Amani M. Biology tutor

What is transcription and describe the process

What is transcription - The first step of protein synthesis occurring in the nucleus in eukaryotes. Conversion of DNA into RNA, allowing it to leave the nucleus (whilst retaining the genetic information) ...

Answered by William M. Biology tutor

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