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Compare and contrast a food chain and a food web.

Both a food chain and a food web show the transfer of energy through an ecosystem, from autotrophs to final consumers. However, they have a number of differences. A food chain only shows one path of energ...

Answered by Tia N. Biology tutor

State two functions of the non-coding regions of DNA

promoters/ operators /regulation of gene expression/transcription telomeres give protection to the end of chromosomesgenes that code for tRNA or rRNA production

Answered by Gabi G. Biology tutor

What are monoclonal antibodies and how are they used in treatment?

Monoclonal antibodies are antibodies artificially derived from a single B cell clone (i.e. specific antibodies)An animal (typically a mouse) is injected with an antigen and produces antig...

Answered by Maxime G. Biology tutor

What is the best way to remember DNA replication?

Remember that DNA replication involves many enzymes in its process- and that you need to know their names and what they do!it is also useful to remember the mechanisms behind DNA replication, and how DNA ...

Answered by Sophia B. Biology tutor

Explain the role of each enzyme involved in DNA replication.

DNA replication involves the action of numerous enzymes. These are: DNA Helicase, DNA Gyrase, Single Stranded Binding Proteins, DNA Primase, DNA polymerase III, DNA polymerase I, DNA Ligase.DNA Helicase b...

Answered by Sarah P. Biology tutor

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