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Explain how the fetch execute cycle works? Include the specific registers and buses being used

During the fetch stage intitially the address of the next instruction from the program counter(PC) is loaded into the memory address register(MAR). This address is then sent via the address bus to main me...

Answered by Thomas B. Computing tutor

James would like to store a video clip that is 20 frames per second and has a duration of 76 seconds. The resolution of this video is 1280x720 with a colour depth of 24 bits. Calculate the storage requirement for the uncompressed video clip.


3.36x10^10 bits

4.2x10^9 bytes

4.1x10^6 Kb

4007.81 Mb

Answered by Michael D. Computing tutor

What is the purpose of RAM?

RAM or Random Access Memory allows for programs to be loaded into a volatile storage medium, this simply means that a program can only be run if it had been loaded into RAM.Once the computer shuts off the...

Answered by Darshan P. Computing tutor

In decimal, what is the most negative number that can be represented using a 12-bit two’s complement binary integer?

In an n-bit two's complement representation scheme, the amount of numbers we can represent is 2n - 1. In 12- bit, it's 1111 1111 1111, or 4095 in decimal. The largest positive ...

Answered by Marek D. Computing tutor

Describe and explain how the operating system abstracts memory management away from a systems programmer.

First Lets define the terms:Operating System - System software that manages computer hardware, userspace programs and essential kernel space programsMemory Management - A system that can dynamically alloc...

Answered by Kyle C. Computing tutor

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