How to bust parental stress and help your teen with school

Family life can be fun, but, let’s face it, it’s a rollercoaster ride. Between the emotional highs and stressful lows, most parents try to give kids love, support and understanding. You’re probably also worrying about how to provide for everyone and succeed at work. With all this pressure, supporting your children’s educational needs can seem tricky to address. But fear not, with online tuition you can boost students’ grades in a stress-free way.

Like most parents, you probably collapse exhausted into bed at night, then lie awake making lists of things to do, fretting about everyone and everything. Teenagers with GCSEs, A Levels and UCAS applications are in particular need of support with intense work-loads and decisions that will affect their future. Increasingly, parents worry about the quality of teaching at school and feel out of control of their kids’ progress. But most admit they haven’t the time – or expertise – to provide enough help themselves.

Tutoring to the rescue

Hiring tutors for kids is a growing trend in Britain as parents try to help their child be the best they can be. One-to-one tutoring is considered one of the most effective forms of learning, where a tutor can tailor every minute to the student’s individual needs. In the private sector, children are currently about twice as likely to receive tutoring as those at state schools, the Sutton Trust believes. Costs might vary between £24 and £32 per hour on average, and the process of preparing your home ahead of the tutor coming, or delivering your child to theirs can make stress creep into even this proposed solution to your child’s education. But across the social spectrum more mums and dads are looking for ways to improve how their kids learn. Online tuition is opening up the benefits of tutoring to children from all backgrounds. In fact, more than a quarter of state secondary pupils in England and Wales have had extra tuition, and in London that number goes up to four out of ten.

The new normal

While you may be accustomed to doing your banking online, speaking with far-away relatives on FaceTime and even having a doctor’s appointment using your phone, the idea of giving your child extra tuition online may seem alien. But with thousands of students enjoying online lessons every week, teaching is another old tradition that has been revolutionised by new technology.

With MyTutor, you can arrange live learning sessions direct between tutors and individual pupils using video links and real time messaging. Children can be taught from the comfort of home while still reaping the benefits of exclusive, one-to-one contact with an expert.

The evidence speaks for itself – a child who receives at least 12 weeks of online tuition makes one whole grade’s improvement on average, MyTutor findings show.

Only the best

We employ the brightest undergraduates from the UK’s leading universities to tutor with us. Only the most intelligent, dedicated and empathetic people make the cut – just one out of seven applicants are chosen to work as our tutors. But why do we limit our tutor pool only to students?

Undergraduates have in-depth knowledge of their subjects, and having sat school exams within the past few years, they can relate to teens by sharing their expertise of exam technique and current curriculums. They are also closer in age to the student than their class teachers, which makes a rapport easier to establish, even providing a new role model for your child.

Students who use online tuition love it, and 80% of our students say that MyTutor lessons increased their confidence. Put simply, young people respond to this 21st century approach to learning. With MyTutor’s cutting edge technology, help is more available and affordable than ever before. And it can help beat some of the stresses of family life, too.

Written by Jenny Little

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