Parent Dawn on why you should tell your friends about tutoring

Recently we asked over 2000 parents-of-teens about how they’ve used and recommended one-to-one tutoring. We found that a third of parents who’d used a tutor had kept it a secret from their friends, even though 96% said they wouldn’t judge other parents for hiring a tutor. We also found that those who’ve used online tuition with MyTutor tended to be much more transparent about it too.

To give us a clearer picture of what it’s like being a parent in need of a tutor for their child, we interviewed Dawn, whose 15-year-old son had Maths tutoring with us last year. Here’s what she had to say:

Why did you decide to get tutoring for your child? Tell us the story of how you came to explore tutoring – both in-person and online tutoring.

I found out about MyTutor from a couple of mums chatting. I have a dyslexic child – he really needed Maths tutoring. I just needed him to get it – I didn’t want him to struggle through life. With the school class sizes …he just needed that extra tuition. I had used a specialist dyslexic tutor in-person – but didn’t have a great experience. She frustrated my son very easily. And being a full time working mother and having to drive him somewhere – 20 minutes each way wasn’t very easy. It was very expensive too.

What did you and your child most want to get out of tutoring?

For him to pass his GCSE grades. Which he did.

Many parents frequently worry about how well their children are progressing at school, do you worry?

No I don’t worry every day – I’m not a stress head mother. I was just trying to create the best opportunity for him.

Have you found that tutoring helps you to feel less anxious about their school work?

With the tutoring, I felt that we were doing all we could.

Do you think tutoring makes your child less anxious about their school work?

Yes, it certainly gave him more confidence and I felt that we were doing what we could.

Do you think that tutoring is something that parents are reluctant to talk about with other parents? If so, why?

Yes definitely. There’s kind of especially in the south… this sort of competitive conversations that go on between parents. Parents don’t want others to think that little Johnny is struggling. The parents are more competitive than the children usually. People don’t talk about their problems.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable telling another parent that your child is being tutored? If so, why did you feel this way?

Not at all – in fact I’ve promoted it. Because it worked for my son. It fitted in with me, with my working full time. It was great to come back home and he’s sitting with his tutor – who he gets on with. It just works. It’s really cost effective as well.

Do you think that tutoring is becoming more accepted generally by parents and schools?

Probably more expected. Perhaps more accepted…. better than 5 years ago anyway.

How does MyTutor differ from in-person tutoring? What impact has it had on your child?

As well as what I said above, I can be there – I’m actually quietly listening to the lesson. You wouldn’t sit in the same room with an in-person tutor.

Thanks Dawn! 

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