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10 books to help teens get through exam season

We’re not trying to pile on more reading–we promise! It’s a super busy time with exams coming up. And that’s why we’ve got 10 amazing books to help you get through the stress–and clear some head space. From tips on how to sleep better, to what to do when you’re feeling panicked, to fun motivational reads-you’ll find it all here!

Let’s get into it…

1.  Fearless by Liam Hackett

Revision can knock your confidence when there’s gaps in what you know. Maybe you’re worried about failing a subject. Or you just don’t feel like you’re good enough. These are tough feelings that Liam Hackett looks at in his book Fearless. So if you need a bit of TLC, this book can feel like a big hug.

2. The Awesome Power of Sleep by Nicola Morgan

When you’re worried about something– like exams, thoughts can loop around in your head for ages. Worst of all, worrying can keep you up at night. Maybe you’re thinking– 8 hours is a myth–I’ve run on a lot less. Well, in The Awesome Power of Sleep you’ll find out why those 8 hours of sleep are so important for growing teens. And you won’t be left hanging since the book explains how to get more of it.

3. The Teenage Guide to Stress by Nicola Morgan

Stress is well…stressful. And being a teen with exams coming up–plus a dozen other things going on– means it’s not an easy ride. This book shows how stress has a knock-on effect on your mood. Stress might make you lash out or feel sad and lonely. But the book goes over what these emotions are about, and how you can deal with them and be kind to yourself at the same time. 

4. Quiet Girl in a Noisy World–An Introvert’s Story by Debbie Tung

If you just want to curl up with a feel-good book, Quiet Girl in a Noisy World might be right up your street. The comic illustrations are beautiful to look at–and they’re sweet and funny, too. Plus they tell the story of what it’s like to be an introvert. If you’ve been called shy before, it won’t be hard to relate to Debbie. What we love about this book is that it shows how you can be quiet–and still have a big voice.

5. It’s Not OK to Feel Blue (and other lies), curated by Scarlett Curtis

If you’re feeling down, you’re not alone. Here, over 60 famous people (like Sam Smith, Fearne Cotton and Matt Haig to name a few) write about why it’s OK to not be OK. On Instagram and TikTok, it can look like everyone is happy and doing amazing. But that’s not real life. It’s totally normal to go through ups and downs. If that’s not enough to convince you to make this your next read– Ed Sheeran says, ‘This book made me feel more normal’ (although he probably wasn’t worried about his exam grades).

6. Mind Your Head by Juno Dawson

Another great book on mental health with real-life stories and fun illustrations. You probably know by now that your mental health can affect everything– from your relationships to how you do in school. Juno Dawson goes over teen anxiety, depression and addiction. And with the help of a psychologist, she gives expert advice on how to look after your wellbeing.

7. Positive Thinking Colouring Book by iColour Publishing

A fun way to get rid of stress is by colouring- and yes, it’s not just for 5-year-olds!. And even better, with this book you’ll colour in positive affirmations like– I’m Smart and Strong (because you are). Affirmations like that can boost your mental wellbeing. And you don’t have to be artistic to have fun with it. If you colour outside the lines– it’s OK, too. So get your favourite music on the go, and a nice set of colouring pens in hand– and relax. 

8.  Blame My Brain by Nicola Morgan

If you procrastinate, and get into lots of rows with the fam– you’re not alone. It’s apparently a teenage brain thing. And in this book, Nicola Morgan breaks it all down: Why teens are the way they are, and how this stage in life can be hard because of all the changes you’re going through. A lot of the time, it helps to know–you’re normal. All teens go through these kinds of changes. And if your family gets on your case, you can always get them an early birthday present.

9. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey

Success isn’t just about getting top grades on exams. This book helps you think about what success looks like for you. What’s important? What are your dreams? And, once you’ve figured out some of these big questions, there’s a plan and steps you can follow to actually make things happen. 

10. Becoming (adapted for younger readers) by Michelle Obama

When exam revision drags on, it’s easy to lose steam. But Becoming can give you that extra boost in motivation. In her memoir, Michelle Obama writes about how she came back from moments of failure–and turned her low points into successes. So if you need a dose of inspiration, let Michelle be your guide. 

It’s tough being a teen– there’s no two ways about it. And when there’s extra pressure like exams, it can feel all a bit too much. But if these books show us anything, it’s that you’re not alone in how you feel. It’s OK to not be OK. And with the right support–from a book, or a friend or a helpful mentor– you can feel your best again, and face exams feeling confident and capable.

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