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School fundraising ideas: 5 ways to raise money for charity

While at school, you should take advantage of the potential to raise money for charity. Here are some simple but effective ways school fundraising ideas to make a difference to your chosen charity.

Bake sales

Bakes sales are really simple to organise and can raise a lot of money.

  1. Plan a date and time: try lunchtime because everyone will be hungry.
  2. A week before, send out notices to ask people to bring along cakes. This  means that you have no expenses, and all money you raise can go to the charity.
  3. The day before, remind everyone in school where and when the sale will be so they bring enough cash.
  4. Get everyone to drop their cakes off at a designated spot at the beginning of the day.
  5. Set up with a few tables and a money tin full of change.
  6. Sell the cakes by bring friendly and knowing about the charity’s work so you can encourage more people to give donations.


If you and your friends are very creative, you could organise a show for parents and teachers. This may take a little more time because you’ll have to get permission from your school to stay after hours. You could collaborate with clubs and societies, this will extend the length of the performance and mean you can charge more for tickets.


Raffels can be an easy event to hold and can even be added onto the end of another event, such as a performance. All you need is a raffle ticket book and a few prizes to give out. The prizes can be anything! From food you’ve bought from the supermarket to an activity with a local organisation. If you know anyone who works at a restaurant or gym, you could even give out free meals or personal training sessions.

Sponsored challenges

As there are so many people at school, this means you potentially have hundreds of people to sponsor you! There are so many challenges you can do to test yourself and raise money:

Own clothes day

Some schools will let you hold an own-clothes day. For every student who comes in without school uniform, they pay £1. You can then collect all this money and donate it to charity. You’ll have to contact the headteacher of your school to get permission for this.

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Written by Anastasia K.

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