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Ways to relax: how to unwind after exams

Finally exams are over… congratulations! Now is the time to reward yourself for working so hard. Here are some ways to relax and unwind so you can make the most of the fantastic weather.

Go for a long walk

Walking is a great way to re-energise yourself and get your blood flowing after the sedentary exam period. Plan a route on your phone which goes through less congested areas and just start walking. I love to listen to podcasts while I walk, such as Under the Skin, There’s No Such Thing as a Fish and, Adulting. Or just listen to music and boogie down the streets.

Get a massage

Find a local beauty parlour or spa and get a head, neck and shoulder massage. This will loosen up everything that became tense while slumping over your revision desks for hours a day. These can be inexpensive, look around to find the best deals.

Tidy Up

Finally sort out your room and de-clutter your life! Having a tidy living space can actually make you less anxious and more productive. Sort out your revision notes (maybe save throwing them away until after results day) and, do a little spring clean. If you are going to university in September, start throwing out things you don’t need anymore while, thinking about what you need to take to uni.

Go on holiday

Celebrate by going away with your friends and just enjoying yourself. Here are some great European holiday destinations for students:

Take a look at our last blog posts for tips on travelling cheap.

Enjoy the sun

Go to a local park with some friends and enjoy the weather (make sure to wear suncream and stay hydrated). Feel the stress just melt away…

Written by Anastasia K.

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