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4 ways to become a more engaging tutor

Keeping students hooked all lesson long isn’t easy. So if your students aren’t as engaged as you’d like, don’t panic. We’ve gathered some of the best resources from your fellow tutors and the MyTutor team to help you bring your lessons to life. 

Try this engaging activity in your English lessons 

If you’re looking for an activity that 

  • Helps you get to know your students
  • Improves descriptive writing
  • Will delight students and have them completely engaged

Look no further than this activity idea from tutor Hafsa. 

Top websites for FREE maths resources 

You’ve heard of tes, twinkl and bitesize, but what about some new websites to find free maths resources? Tutor Luca rounded up his favourite websites to find maths resources that you might not know about. 

Get new resources here

5 tips for teaching students with low motivation 

If your student is withdrawn or unresponsive, it could be a sign they’re unmotivated. This makes for a tricky lesson for you both. But you have the power to turn it around. 

Tutor Ella shared 5 ways you can motivate your students to become more engaged, meaning you both enjoy the lesson. 

Read her tips here

Are you an expert at boosting student confidence? 

Putting your hand up and asking for help in a class of 30 kids is daunting, and students sometimes come to tutoring lessons with the same initial anxieties. Great tutors create a space where students openly ask for help. 

It’s a tricky skill to perfect, so we shared some things we’ve learnt so far in the community last week. Check them out, or if it’s your area of expertise leave your advice on the post. 

Join the conversation here

Let us know if you tried any of these ideas, and make sure to post in the community if you’ve got your own tips for engaging students that other tutors need to know. 

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