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August update from MyTutor: safeguarding training, new community, and PAYG tests

August flew by and it’s almost the start of a new academic year. Time for lectures, caffeine, and your monthly MyTutor update. 

A new community is coming 

And we couldn’t be more excited. It’ll be more collaborative, more organised, and packed with more resources to help tutors. A group of you are already testing it out to give feedback. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch soon. 

Update on the lesson space

Infinite whiteboards and notes that wait around for your next lesson – loads of you have told us you’re loving the new lesson space. 

We’ve also kept our ear to the ground for your feedback. Being able to save your whiteboards as a PDF is a popular request and it’s definitely on our radar. We’re investigating and will keep you in the loop.

Important: you need to complete safeguarding training 

At the start of every academic year we’re required to update our Keeping Children Safe In Education guidance (KCSIE). 

There are also steps you need to take

1. Complete the annual safeguarding training here

2. Read & agree to follow the guidance here

Please complete the above ASAP. Otherwise, unfortunately, we’ll have to suspend your account and cancel upcoming lessons. Since it’s a requirement of the National Tutoring Programme, we can’t make exceptions. 

Reminder: our disintermediation policy 

We’re all excited to get stuck back into tutoring this year, but before we do, we wanted to remind you of our disintermediation policy. 

Disintermediation is any action taken by a tutor to take their work off our platform. If this happens, communication is no longer monitored so it becomes a safeguarding risk, hence we don’t allow it. 

If you’d like to read more about disintermediation, see here 

DBS changes

Up until now, in order to teach school lessons, the National Tutoring Programme required all of our tutors to have a DBS check completed within the last 12 months.

But from now on, you’ll only be required to have completed a DBS check within the last 3 years.

As long as your DBS check is less than 3 years old then you won’t need to pay to renew it. It’ll still be valid so you can continue tutoring with us.

We’re testing removing the PAYG function 

In case you missed it, we’re running a test where 50% of parents can only book on a recurring basis. Why? Because 60% of our customers are already on recurring bookings, and we think by removing the pay-as-you-go function, you’ll get more work in the long run. 

Be assured that right now, this is just a test. If the results aren’t positive, we won’t make changes. Plus, there’s still the flexibility that we all love. Parents who have been moved to recurring slots still have the option to cancel or reschedule weekly lessons.

We’re open to your feedback. Please leave it here

Thanks for dropping into our August update. If you’re heading back to uni this month, good luck. And to all our tutors returning for another year of changing lives – we’ll see you there 😎


The MyTutor team

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