Becoming a Tutor

The importance of one-to-one tutoring

The Hustle and Bustle of the Classroom Environment

During your time at school, your learning environment will consist of a classroom full of your peers; all learning from one teacher. That teacher is responsible for ensuring that every student in their classroom has an equal chance to achieve the best results that they can. As a teacher, it can be extremely difficult to make sure that all the students in the class have an equal opportunity to learn, as each individual will have a distinct way of learning. Each student will have individual rates of learning and different abilities- individual strengths and weaknesses- and despite this fact, a teacher will have to teach his class in the one way that suited the majority.

If you feel that you learn better through debate or discussion and your teacher then tailors the lesson plan to suit the majority of the class who learn better by writing essays, then you may not achieve your full potential. A student may also be very unwilling to draw attention to themselves if they do not understand a particular topic or question. This could be due to the intimidating nature of a classroom full of peers who aren’t asking questions, or saying they don’t understand – Maybe it’s just me that doesn’t understand – This is when the benefit of one to one tutoring comes in.

The Trusting and Empowering One to One Environment

With the benefit of a one to one tutoring session you can have a better chance of reaching your potential and learning at your own pace and in your own way. Before a one to one tutoring session your tutor will ensure that they understand how you learn and what ways they can help you gain knowledge and understanding. Once they have established this, they will be able to formulate a tailor made lesson plan that is suitable for you. During your lesson they will be able to incorporate all your learning styles into their tutoring and help you to learn in a way that suits you. While you are learning your tutor will be able to gauge your level of understanding of the subject and pinpoint any misunderstandings more effectively. Equally, you will be happier telling a tutor that you don’t understand something, without the judging eyes of your class watching you.

A tutor will be able to single out a specific area that you may be struggling with and help you to improve; not only that, but they will help you to improve at your own pace. It may only take one small piece of understanding to change your whole confidence about a specific subject. If you are good at maths, but do not understand geometry, it can undermine your whole confidence in the subject. A tutor will be able to help you with those small pieces of the puzzle and grow your confidence. This in turn will reflect in the classroom. With one to one tutoring growing in popularity it may be just the nudge you need to build your confidence and achieve what you know you are capable of; so give it a go today.

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Becoming a Tutor

The importance of one-to-one tutoring

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