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MyTutor Schools Programme

MyTutor is collaborating with schools across the country to provide one-to-one online tuition for students as part of their formal education.

Teachers often struggle to find the time and resources to support underperforming students within a classroom setting, and one-to-one tuition is a perfect way for students to receive the personalised support they need in order to reach their potential.

MyTutor’s online platform allows schools to match students with highly qualified tutors from all over the country. Maths tutors, English tutors and tutors teaching in a range of other subjects, leave detailed feedback about their students’ progress. Teachers can use this feedback to inform the areas they focus on with these students. In this way, tutoring becomes a part of students’ classroom education.


Since September 2016, over 50 schools have signed up for 5,284 hours of tuition (and counting!) using MyTutor’s innovative online lesson space, and the results are clear to see:

“One-to-one tuition gives students the chance to develop confidence and to ask questions that they wouldn’t feel comfortable or safe enough to ask in a classroom setting,” says Clare Thorpe, Pupil Premium Coordinator, Langley School.

“MyTutor has taught me step-by-step ways of how to understand certain areas of the subject I was struggling with, and this has helped me understand the subject a lot more than I did before. My favourite thing about MyTutor is the friendliness of the tutor and the support they have given me.” says Robert, Da Vinci School.

Going forward, MyTutor has embarked on its first ever collaboration with a university. The University of Birmingham is working with the MyTutor Schools Programme as part of their groundbreaking new access scheme, which provides tuition for offer-holders from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them reach their target grades.

“There are a large number of students who don’t meet their predicted grades. We want to do our part to help students meet their offers.” – Gail Rothnie, Head of Outreach at the University of Birmingham.

From now, MyTutor is looking to continue to build the Schools Programme further so that students can benefit from the expertise of its tutors:

“We are incredibly proud of what we have already achieved in such a short time. The feedback from teachers is consistently around how it makes their lives easier and how much their students enjoy working with us. We look forward to giving this opportunity to thousands of new students over the next few years.” – James Grant, Co-Founder at MyTutor.

Want to learn more about the Schools Programme? Follow this link.

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